Agency Feature: Flarepath, Asymmetrique company

Flarepath, asymmetrique agency

How do we define Flarepath

Flarepath, an Asymmetrique Agency, is a new-age hybrid company. We aim to marry incisive strategy and brand thinking with content savvy and digital nativity, to enable businesses to leverage the power of digital.

Our team is a diverse mix. With everyone from stand-up comics to musicians to tech geeks in there, we are also equipped to walk the talk when it comes to providing solutions for some of the leading brands across lifestyle, real estate, retail, finance, education, entertainment, media, and more.

What’s in the name?

Flarepath is classically the outline made by an airport’s runway lights, which guides a pilot at the time of landing. We do the same for our brands, helping them navigate the digital world. Also, the two words ‘flare’ and ‘path’ together signify ‘energy with a distinct direction’. And it is this clarity about which direction everyone needs to pull in that is enabling us to take our brand’s places.

What do we do?

We aim to create content that builds brands. Effective and engaging content that establishes brand personality and identity, while driving conversations and building communities.

Why we do it?

The social consumers no longer care for advertising messages pushed out at them. In all probability, they have put on adblockers to ensure conventional ads don’t intrude their space. In such a scenario, brands need interesting stories that these consumers would readily want to be a part of. That is the only way to court them. And in Flarepath, brands have a storyteller who knows the game of courting!

How we evolve?

The most important for Flarepath’s growth is that the team maintains strong connections to their passions and interests (which isn’t just tweeting), and has a life that doesn’t revolve entirely around their work. The ideas generated will thus always be grounded in market reality.

And since the medium itself is so young and dynamic, we have our clients’ blessings to go out and experiment time and again so that the outcomes get stronger, and we grow because we are helping the category itself grow.

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Social responsibility in social media

The team, as well as all clients, are urged to follow “don’t lie, don’t misrepresent, don’t be corporate” in all communication and activities.

The need of the hour

The industry as a whole needs to get up to speed with AI and all the possibilities it unleashes. We need to look at it as an ally, and not a threat.

We learned the hard way

  • Ideas age much faster in the digital world
  • Clients feel digital is the cheaper medium (it most definitely is not)
  • Even though clients might feel the need for social media marketing, it doesn’t mean they have absolute clarity about why they want to be on social media, and what do they wish to achieve from it
  • An idea cannot remain only on digital, it has to have on ground legs for it to really scale

Did we just share that?

Most of them relate to how clients view our daily work:

Us: “Hi Client, we’ve kicked off the Twitter contest 5 minutes back”

Client: “Why isn’t it trending yet?”

They work with us

We work with them: Taj Mahal Tea House, Firstpost, HDFC Home Loans, ABFL, Phoenix Marketcity, Palladium, Welingkar’s WeSchool, Peninsula Land, Associated Alcohols & Breweries, SREI, Concorde Realty, Pragnya Realty, and a host of independent projects.

The industry as we foresee

The industry, both in India and overseas, is in for some truly interesting times. With the advent of consultancies on the back of disruptive tech like AI, machine learning, etc., the digital marketing landscape is likely to undergo changes at a breakneck pace. One will have to be extremely agile with deep-rooted expertise to thrive.

A day without Internet

Let’s just go home already!