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The BlueBeans agency feature

How do we define The BlueBeans?

The BlueBeans was established 5 years back with the aim to provide services such as Strategy & Consulting, Creative Designing, Social Media Marketing, and more. With a team size of 57, the USP of the agency lies in creative design, videos, and strategy.

What's in the name?

When it comes to choosing a brand name for any service-centric firm, it is important to highlight the overall features of the firm as well as make it interesting enough for it to stand out from similar agencies in the industry. 

The Bluebeans happened when our co-founders decided to fuse 2 conventions- Blue (the universal color denoting everything Digital) and Beans (coffee, the universally accepted work stimulant) into one unconventional brand name.

What we do?

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Creative Designing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital PR

Why we do it?

Five years ago, we started The Blue Beans with an objective, help restaurants put their best foot forward in the world of digital media. With time, there emerged a gap between traditional marketing techniques and modern restaurants and we wanted to bridge that gap by adopting Digital Marketing Strategies that helped these emerging and already established restaurants. They needed a solution that was tailor-made for them, and we provided just that. 

  • For our Communication: We make restaurants tastier on the Internet.
  • For our Belief: We make food and hospitality brands the talk of the town through impactful, creative marketing strategies
  • Vision: To be the top choice for getting any restaurant digital; across the world.

How do we evolve?

As one develops specializations, their efficiency pertaining to performance increases, and thus successive specializations of people help them synergistically solve organizational problems. TBB has ensured this symbiotic approach toward improving cross-functional dependence; for us to arrive at client- solutions faster, with better quality and precision.

Consequently, we get more clients on board, as we hire qualitatively to ensure an able allocation of workload for teams to optimize their workload and creativity. Such measures help an agency grow at an optimal rate and in turn evolve. 

Starting out as an agency specializing in F&B, The Bluebeans slowly captured the market ranging from a wide clientele including the smallest of delivery outlets to the biggest of hotel chains. Gradually they ventured into non- F&B with a separate identity called The Blue Digit. Partnering with performance marketing Prohed, this segment is known as Prohed by The Bluebeans.  All three wings come under the parent umbrella of TBB Global.

Social responsibility in social media

Social responsibility is a very important function that a social media agency assumes. Hence, facilitating initiatives to promote educational, ecological, health and financial development for the rural poor through the implementation of various social media campaigns is a very important function that is followed up after consistent engagement and growth of a client's social media presence.

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The need of the hour

The need of the hour for the social media and advertising industry is to consistently upskill and stay in touch with new tools and functions of the industry.  Consistent quality checks to maintain relevance and competitive advantage are what help drive the growth of a thriving Digital agency and in turn collectively of the industry as a whole.

Social media as a medium for marketing comes with its own set of pros & cons. Influencer Marketing is at its zenith, but there aren’t any rules per se that regulate the procedures & working. There’s also a lot of speculation with respect to who is a good influencer. A standard benchmark needs to be established with numbers regarding engagement, reach, and remuneration.

We learned the hard way

Educating the client about how the industry works is essential for them to understand and participate in the strategizing process. Audience, mediums, requirements, current trends, etc. are all taken into account while planning any campaign. Hence, it's important for them to be aware of keeping in mind the goals they have for the brand. Digital is a one-stop-shop solution, but one size does not fit all. It becomes critical at times to squeeze ROI from every penny spent.

Spontaneity helps a great deal in this industry. Considering the constantly evolving technology, no day is the same in digital. Flexibility and spontaneity are the keys to cracking campaigns.

Did we just

share that?

More often than not, clients

want the agencies to do something new & refreshing as long as it was

successful and done by some other brand!

They work with us

  • The Westin Gurgaon
  •  JW Marriot Jaipur
  • Tossin Pizza
  • Biryani Blues
  • Choko La
  • Frozen Bottle
  • Farzi Café Aerocity 
  • Tonino Ristorante
  • Ziuko
  • Savya Rasa
  • Soy Soi

The industry as we foresee

The scope of advertising is shifting base from print to digital, reducing from billboards to phone screens. Digitally too, it spreads to video-sharing apps, social media websites, search engines, etc. There’s a huge space where the optimum mindshare can be leveraged basis the content.

Catchy content will occupy consumers with the industry thriving on engaging and unconventional content.  Digital is also the most preferred medium nowadays to reach out to target audiences.

A day without Internet

A day without the Internet at TBB would definitely be a frustrating one. But for our teams, it would mean scribbling away ideas on our glass boards and using up that time to strategize further on clients and their needs. 

Lastly, are

you hiring?

Yes, we’re always on the

lookout for creative minds!

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