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Snapchat Ad Products

Snapchat Ad Products have a new premium addition, along with the updated Snap Select and a new tool.

Advertisers would be assisted with video conversion by the new tool, and First Commercial will let them reach masses on the platform and comes in as a high-end addition to the suite of Snapchat Ad Products.

First Commercial

The premium video ad product, First Commercial, would be the first non-skippable ad that users would see when they watch the first Snap show they see in the day. The minimum duration for these ads needs to be six seconds, and the purchased slot lasts for a day.

The ad product will be available across Snap Originals, shows, and more video products such as docuseries. The launch of the ad slot also falls in line with the peak in the usage of the app and the content consumption on the platform, and also how users are most attentive when they begin watching a piece of video content.

David Roter, VP Of Global Agency Partnerships, Snap Inc., told Adweek that First Commercial will be initially be offered through direct sales, and eventually be sold programmatically. He also mentioned that the ideation of this ad product stemmed from the attention that premium video ad products gained.

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Updated Snap Select

Snap Select, the tool that enables brands to buy inventory on Snap Originals and more shows has been updated with more programming options and specified genres.

Snapchat Ad Products

Brands can also specify the format they're looking for, such as non-skippable, with a fixed CPM (Cost Per Mile), and more. This feature is currently only available in the US and will be gradually rolled out on the full scale.

Snapchat Ad Products

Vertical Video Conversion Tool

The platform is also launching a Vertical Video Conversion Tool within Snap Publisher, which gives an option to convert horizontal video assets into vertical, to suit the platform's interface.

Snapchat Ad Products

Advertisers can convert horizontal or square videos to vertical, customize it through a template, or design a new vertical video with the available animation tools.

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