5 ways amusement parks keep up the spirits on Instagram

From throwbacks to backgrounds for virtual meetings, amusement parks are taking interesting routes to keep consumers hooked on Instagram.

Jagruti Verma
Apr 24, 2020 04:30 IST
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Amusement parks online

From throwbacks to offers and backgrounds for virtual meetings, amusement parks are taking interesting routes to keep consumers hooked on Instagram.

There are probably countless amusements parts around the world, especially those in nooks and corners of national highways. Today, with the lockdown and COVID-19 impact, most are shut. One could imagine it would be a while before they truly open their doors to streams of families and friends tricking in. However, this isn't stopping amusement parks from remaining hopeful on Instagram, that soon, there will be good days again.

Online Entertainment

Live events and contests are helping amusements parks keep their followers engaged online. It helps them put out the message — you can't visit but that doesn't mean we won't keep your Monday blues away. The challenges being thrown at people nudge them into sharing how they are spending their days at home. Both routes have been prominently taken up by Essel World.

Happy Memories

Divertiland Park, a water park in Bucharest, Romania has let the throwback series completely take over their Instagram feed. They have put up pictures of old times, in multiple themes, across the grid. The bio has also been changed to match the narrative. It's translated version states: It summer we start over! But until then, why don't we start over? #DivertilandThrowBack.


Back home, Imagicaa has also posted crowd-sourced images of people having a good time at the park. The brand has shared these thanking people for staying at home in a bid to help flatten the curve.

Living, Breathing, Surviving

Parks that house living creatures have been sharing updates about them, highlighting how they would like people again. Gator Golf Adventure Park in Orlando, Florida is among those. They shared a picture of the serene park, asking people to keep following them for updates.

SeaWorld Orlando took to Instagram to share the happy news of a dolphin's birth in the park. They requested people to come and see the baby when the park reopens. Such updates help build hope, something people across the globe could really use at the moment.

Summer Offers

Wisconsin's Three Bears Resort has been sharing old pictures to keep up the spirits online. One of the recent ones was captioned, "We will slide again." They also ran a virtual Easter egg hunt on Facebook. In addition to these efforts, they have announced special summer offers people can use to plan their future escapades to the park after the pandemic is over.

Nicco Park in Kolkata used the Bingo trending format to extend offers to participants and winners. The contest was run under #FunAtHome. It was an interesting way for the park to drive online engagement as well as get people to plan possibilities of adventures once the park reopens.

Banking on VR

Disney is often associated with larger than life imagery. As an attempt to keep up with the expectations and help people cope with work from home while social distancing, Walt Disney World shared some virtual backgrounds people can use for video calls. These have been shared under #DisneyMagicMoments.

Sharing pictures and videos of ride and park experiences are common content buckets. These are currently being used to provide people with Virtual Reality experiences, sprinkled with nostalgia.

Cedar Point in the USA has also put up similar

target="_blank">posts. In a recent post, they extended the concept by sharing a picture of a young boy posing with his own roller coaster creation, giving a personalised touch to the grandeur they have on offer.

While the adverse impact of COVID-19 continues to loom over the industry, amusement parks are continuing to their best to keep consumers engaged, giving them something to look forward to.

Closer to home, Imagicaa is nudging followers to support CRY in fundraising efforts and EsselWorld has been highlighting their efforts to provide meals to daily wagers. They are essentially using social media to keep people in the loop and share the methods they are implementing to deal with the crisis.

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