Babyshop Dubai’s Ramadan campaign lists things kids will remember about lockdown

Babyshop Dubai Ramadan campaign

With the 2020 Ramadan campaign, Babyshop Dubai aims to highlight the importance of a child’s vision and hope at the end of this tunnel.

There is something about the way a child looks at the world. The resilience and hope are unparalleled, possibilities endless. Ramadan 2020 is nothing like the years before. People are locked in their houses and there aren’t much festivities to look forward to. However, there is hope. That after the lockdowns are lifted, things will get better. This sentiment has been picked up by Babyshop Dubai for their Ramadan 2020 campaign, which has been created by FP7 McCann Dubai.

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Under #AWorldWeDeserve, the brand has created a film through the eyes of nine children from across the world. With an original song created for the campaign playing in the background, the video focusses on the words of the children, the things they will remember about braving through the impact of COVID-19. The proceeds from the song’s distribution will go towards COVID-19 relief measures.


Children contributors: Aayrah (7), Abdullah (8), Justin (5), Vishank (7), Isra (6), Fahad (9), Danielle (6), Aydin (4), Minha (8).

Client: Babyshop
Head of Marketing: Mitin Chakraborty
Marketing Manager: Mona El Zibda
Creative Manager: Karla Nicoletti
Asst. Manager, Social Media: Joana Lima

Production: FP7 McCann Dubai
Director: Tahaab Rais
Producer: Vicky Kriplani
Editor and Colourist: Ashraf Muhammadunny

Creative: FP7 McCann Dubai
Regional ECD: Oliver Robinson
Regional ECD: Fouad Abdel Malak
Creative Director, Copywriter, Art Director: Tahaab Rais
ECD, Copywriter, Art Director: Karim Kazan
Creative Director: Aunindo Sen
Regional Head of Strategy: Tahaab Rais
Group Account Director: Vicky Kriplani
Singer: Brittin Lane
Songwriter: Tahaab Rais
Composer: Brittin Lane
Retoucher: Amit Borawake