Brands whip up Dalgona Coffee posts

Paawan Sunam
Apr 03, 2020 11:43 IST
Dalgona Coffee brand posts

Recipe for Dalgona Coffee brand posts - equal parts of a topical trend, brand integration, and punny captions. Beat it till you see a froth of brand awareness.

Dalgona Coffee was popularized by Jung II-woo, an actor who was served the drink in Macau, and later presented it on a South Korean TV show called Pyunstorang ("Fun-Staurant"). Other sources suggest that it went viral through a South Korean YouTube Channel before being widely circulated on TikTok. Dalgona Coffee brand posts were in the offing since then it seems.

A lot of people (not me) have been spending time in the least-visited section of the house - the kitchen, and the newfangled beverage awakened the MasterChef within all. This was obviously followed by a showcase of their masterpiece on social media that got the beverage trending.

Soon brand posts emerged on the Dalgona Coffee trend. Recently, several brands have been also using memes as a marketing language to communicate with their audience while tapping a trend.

Sony SAB TV and POPxoFashion are two of them here, SAB TV uses an infamous character from their popular TV show, and POPxoFashion taps the "Who did it better?" template.

Berger Paints highlights their palette of shades, Swiggy India revives an age-old debate, Script India displays their product alongside a catchy song and Coffee Culture makes the most of the trend with a UGC Contest. More brands whip and some brands nae nae.

Fun Fact: The name 'Dalgona' is derived from a South Korean candy 'honeycomb toffee'.

Fact Check: Dalgona Coffee is not the same as 'pheti hui' coffee. You have been making coffee incorrectly if you never 'phetod' it. 'Phetna' is a technique used to make regular coffee without a machine. Because coffee without foam is like you not in your home.

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