Case Study: How The Man Company spun Valentine's Day narrative around body positivity for men

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Apr 30, 2020 04:27 IST
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The Man Company Valentine's Day

With #AllKindsOfLove, The Man Company wanted to wish men Valentine's Day, stating how it's okay to have curves and scars.

For its Valentine's Day 2020 campaign, The Man Company wanted to showcase men in their element, unfiltered. It helped the brand spin a narrative around body positivity for men on social media, supported by emailers and push notifications.

Category Introduction

Men’s Grooming market is estimated to be around Rs.10,000 crores in India and is expected to have a double-digit annual compounded growth rate in the next few years. There are multiple reasons for the current traction. One there were hardly any 'head to toe' men focused brands in India.

Second, Direct to consumer channels such as e-commerce is creating a space for mass premium categories. As a result, there are new categories like beard management which was non-existent two years back and is now worth over Rs.100 cr. In the Beard category, The Man Company owns almost 30% of market share with an average bill size of INR 600.

Brand Introduction 

The Man Company offers a head to toe range of grooming essentials, specially formulated for Indian men. These include shampoos, face washes, soap bars, body washes, shave gels to fragrances to beard oils, beard washes, beard wax and crème.


For Valentine's Day 2020, The Man Company took up the topic of body positivity as the subject. The #AllKindsOfLove campaign aimed to showcase men in their moment, looking and behaving as they would when no one is around to watch or judge. It focussed on vulnerabilities and one-sided arguments that crop up in mind because of bodily insecurities.


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Through the campaign, the brand wanted to tell men that it's okay to have curves and scars. To not be too tall or be skinny or have complexion issues. That they are all capable of love and being loved.

Problem Statement/Objective 

The Man Company wanted to address the issue of body positivity for men. To bring to the forefront fearless, progressive, modern gentlemen out there and tell them that it's okay to be what they are.


The idea/thought was shared with the team and our Copy Creative Director came up with a fleshed-out video concept. The idea was to showcase, talk about and normalise all kinds of gentlemen on the day of Valentine’s.

Creative Idea

To show men alone on the big day of Valentine’s. Become the voice of their conscience in a way accepting them and celebrating them despite all their flaws, insecurities and shortcomings. Keep the execution simple and full of nuances. Non-verbal emotions and actions are very more powerful, so the brand decided to just go for a female narrator throughout, as the voice of love. 


The campaign was live on the brand's official website along with their social media handles i.e. &" target="_blank">YouTube, FacebookTwitter and 


The affiliate network and Facebook and Instagram ads were used by the brand, apart from reaching out to their existing database of active users. An emailer was sent to the entire database. Push Notification and SMS was sent to the entire database 


  • YouTube: 500K+ Views, 100K+ Impression
  • Instagram: 1M+ Impression, 0.57M Reach
  • The campaign improved the overall sales revenue and average order value on the website. The latter went up almost 45% during the campaign period.
  • The page views went up by 6.61%.
  • Free earned media worth Rs 78.9L.
  • The campaign was best received on Instagram.

"Whenever one talks about body positivity, there’s only one gender that pops into your mind. How many men do we know personally who are struggling with physical flaws or body insecurities? Are we really believing that men are never at the receiving end of body shaming? Are we absolutely sure that men don’t feel that they were any different when they look at themselves in the mirror? There are all kinds of you and each kind of you is unique and wonderful and deserving to be loved and to love. We as a brand will always celebrate #AllKindsOfLove," said Rumi Ambastha, Director — Brand Marketing, The Man Company.

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