COVID-19: 46% Snapchatters concerned about friends & family’s health


In an in-app survey, it was found that 88% of Snapchatters are starting to get used to the impacts of COVID-19 on their daily lives.

With COVID-19 continuing to shape the lives of people all over the world, Snapchatters were asked about their feelings towards the pandemics and how they are spending their time indoors. The insights found by Snapchat using an in-app survey on COVID-19 have been released. The data reflects the opinions of Snapchatters and their attempts to adjust to a ‘new normal’.

“This data reflects Snapchatters’ opinions at a specific moment in time, and may change as the situation evolves,” states Snapchat. Here’s a slice from Snapchat’s report.

Top concerns

Community remains top of mind for Snapchatters as they hunker down at home. Over 80% agree that they’re concerned about Covid-19, although much of that concern is for the welfare of others. Snapchatters are most concerned about the health of their family and friends (46%) and society in general (24%), whereas only 7% are most worried about their own health. As social distancing guidelines and economic pressures take their toll on classrooms and workplaces, Snapchatters are also worried about their education and employment. This feeling is especially prominent among 18-20-year-olds — 20% of them are most concerned about the impact on their education or employment as a result of Covid-19.

Looking Forward

88% of Snapchatters are finding that the virus impacts their daily life, but they’re starting to get used to it, as 74% agree they’re adjusting to a ‘new normal’. Snapchatters over 35 are feeling the most disrupted, with 92% agreeing that their day-to-day routines have been impacted by Covid-19. As many states implement or extend shelter-at-home orders, Snapchatters of all ages are estimating how long it will be before their lives continue on as usual. 40% expect to feel disruptions for more than 8 weeks, compared to nearly 1 in 3 Snapchatters from our previous survey, and 38% of Snapchatters are expecting to feel impacted for the next 4-8 weeks.

Keeping Busy

Snapchatters are using their extended time at home to look after themselves and their living spaces. 54% are cleaning and organizing more, 41% are practising self-care, 30% are exercising, 27% are learning new skills like cooking or painting, and 12% are doing puzzles. Snapchatters between the ages of 21-24 are leaning into the puzzling trend the most, with 16% getting into the jigsaw groove. Teens are staying the most active, both physically and mentally — 41% said they’re exercising more (higher than any other age group), and 41% said that they’re learning a new skill.

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Screen time is also on the rise for Snapchatters, with 68% streaming more shows and 22% tuning into live TV more. Over a third (34%) of female Snapchatters are playing more mobile games, whereas console gaming is spiking among males (55%). As for the entertainment options, Snapchatters are increasing their time spent with, they indicated they are streaming TV (47%) most, followed by console gaming (21%), mobile gaming (11%), watching or streaming movies (11%), and watching live TV (9%).

What does this mean for brands? 

With so much uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, authentic communication from brands will go a long way. Empathy resonates with Snapchatters, as 27% say they like ads that show brands helping others. 17% like seeing ads that allow them to escape, whether through stunning visuals or a silly scenario. Brands can also score points with consumers by taking their shelter-in-place needs into account — 16% of Snapchatters like seeing ads for products used at home. Brands and brand storytelling have a place in consumers’ lives during these challenging times, so long as they’re delivering value for consumers.