Brands revel in nostalgia as Doordarshan re-airs classics

Doordarshan brand posts

As DD National starts re-telecasting old shows, many are jumping in to leverage the trending moment with Doordarshan brand topical posts.

People in their 20s today grew up listening to nostalgic tales of days when only one channel existed. Of the precious moments spent in front of the TV in anticipation of what the next twist in the story would be. With the concept of binge-watching taking over, such tales are no less relatable than tales of dragons and fairies. However, the magic of the old days is all set to return as DD starts re-telecasting classics, giving rise to a moment currently being leveraged by businesses with Doordarshan brand posts.

A big chunk of the buzz online is around the revival of Shaktimaan, a show quite a few 90s kids grew while growing up, something Bewakoof and POPxoDaily took note of in their respective creatives.

Ramayan and Mahabharat are also getting a fair share of attention in the content being generated online, making Doordarshan a trending topic.

According to a recently released BARC-Neilson report, the re-telecast of Ramayan garnered the highest ever rating for a Hindi GEC show since 2015.

The timeliness of Ram Navmi falling within days of the announcement was an interesting peg leveraged in the creatives, by brands such as Parle-G.

Some of the common elements across posts were television and a set of bow and arrow.




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