Dunzo delivers nostalgia with the #90sRedun campaign

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This week's #FlashbackFriday features a #ThrowbackThursday campaign by Dunzo that show #90sRedun, so let's take a U-turn.

The brand rides on the topical tide and the age-old trend that is recently seeing an upsurge due to the lockdown, and have set the Dunzo #90sRedun campaign in motion.

Doordarshan generated a wave of nostalgia after they decided to bring back their most kindled shows on air, this was followed by brand creatives themed around their shows, Amul reviving their old ads, and now the refashioned campaign by Dunzo featuring the golden age of television commercials.

While several TV channels are bringing back old shows, brands are repurposing content, and users throwing it back more often than not, the classic television commercials that set the benchmark for advertising for years to come still remain atop this trend.

Dunzo paid a tribute to these iconic commercials by redoing them with brand integration, rewriting taglines with a twist, and utilizing these brands' legacy to loom a thread that would pull us back to the simpler times.

Brands such as Cadbury, Complan, Fevi Kwik are still relevant and dominant in the Indian market, these commercials can be partially credited for their success, and Dunzo ingeniously uses this clout for their communication.

If you're tired of seeing all the 'Take Me Back' pictures, leave them there, and let Dunzo take you back (in time).

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