Facebook makes Live more accessible with new updates

Facebook Live updates

Facebook is adding automatic closed captions to Live videos, option to listen in audio-only mode or by dial-in among other updates.

On March 24, Facebook announced that in the places hit hardest by COVID-19, there was an increase in total messaging, voice and video calling. Specifically in Italy, one of the hardest crisis-hit countries on the globe, Facebook and Instagram Live views were recorded to have doubled in a week, with people spending 70% more time across their apps. It led Facebook to announce updates for Live in the days that followed.

Two prominent features that have added to Facebook Live are automatic closed captions and the option to listen to the Live in an audio-only mode. These updates are aimed at making the platform more accessible to people in diverse situations, especially when they are facing network issues and don’t have the bandwidth to tune in to watch a live stream.

People can now even use a toll-free dial-in option to dial into any live broadcast from any telephone, much like a telephonic conference. To maximise the reach of live videos, people who either don’t have a Facebook account or are locked out will also be able to stream live videos.

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Facebook Stars is being expanded to more creators and publishers in order to help content creators earn money from live videos. Live Producer, a dashboard to create live videos, was launched earlier this year to ease the process of creating a live video.

It helps live broadcasters take control of the comments section to allow discussions to remain fruitful. They can slow the intake of comments or allow only followers to comment. Other restrictions on interaction and engagement during a live video can be imposed as required.

Facebook has also sent Live accessory kits to faith-based and education organizations to help them produce content easily from mobile. The platform is also publishing how-to guides to provide resources to help people and partners use Facebook products on the go.