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Paawan Sunam
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Facebook videos

Facebook has introduced new features and updates to publish, organize, and drive discovery around videos posted from Pages.

Along with introducing new updates to existing features such as Playlists, the platform has also introduced new features such as Series, Bulk Uploader and Bulk Actions to smoothen publishing videos through Facebook Pages.

The new video tab has been centralized with a compiled view for all videos published by a Page, users can also change the notification settings to get notified as new videos get posted.

Facebook videos


Playlists has been upgraded to categorize a list of videos and organize them according to an individual theme or topic, in a flexible manner. Viewers can click to open playlists from posts in News Feed, when videos are uploaded into a playlist, along with being showcased on the Page.

When a user plays a video from the playlist, videos will playback in the order you have set, most suitable for playlists with a sequential theme. Playlists also have a shareable URL. You can create, manage, edit, and reorder playlists from Creator Studio.

Facebook videos


Series is quite similar to Playlists, but with this feature you can turn your videos into episodes and turn your list into a narrative. With Series, you can also add seasons, brand logos, and trailers. Users can discover and watch your Series across Facebook Watch, Search and News Feed.

When clicking on your series from your Page, News Feed Unit, or Videos Tab, users are taken to a list-view of all episodes, where they can navigate between season and episodes, continue watching from where they left off and view trailers.

The discoverability of Series remains the same as Playlists. Viewers can discover a Series from News Feed or your Page, or through a shareable URL. You can also create, manage, edit, and reorder Series from Creator Studio.

Facebook videos

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Shareability and Crossposting of Series & Playlists

The metadata provided for Series will accompany episodes cross-posted and shared to other Pages. Viewers will be able to find your entire series irrespective of where they discover its episodes.

The name of the series, title of the episode, and the description will show in the cross-posted or shared post.

An episode from a Series that is added to a Playlist will also retain the metadata of the original Series that it came from. A video can only be added to a single Series, but the same video could be added to multiple Playlists.

Facebook videos

Bulk Publishing

Bulk Uploader has been updated, now allowing upload of up to 50 videos to one page in a single action. You can also choose to edit the title, description, add tags, schedule posts and choose other settings in-line on the screen.

With the new Bulk Uploader, you can also choose a regular cadence to publish the uploaded videos. For instance, if you upload 10 videos, and want them to be published on a weekly basis, you can select ‘One Post per day’ from the scheduling options.

Facebook videos

The platform also plans to launch a new feature called 'Bulk Actions'. The feature is equipped with editing tools that will allow you to apply settings or ‘take actions’ on videos in bulk, and edit the posts in-line while the videos upload.

List of actions available include, In-stream ads, Bulk Scheduling, Secondary edit features such as adding tags, custom labels, and more. You can also use Bulk Actions to manage your already published videos and add tags, captions, etc. for increasing its discoverability on Facebook.

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