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To help facilitate better internal communication, Facebook is rolling out Knowledge Library, Draft for, Q&A posts and more for Workplace.

To help organisations better communicate with employees as well as facilitate better internal communication between colleagues, Facebook is rolling out multiple new features for Workplace. The idea is to help employees feel heard and for organisations/employers to monitor moods and act accordingly.

One of the features is Safety Alerts. All set to be rolled out in June, these would enable organisations to send standalone alerts without requiring a response. Other updates include Knowledge Library, Draft for, Campaigns, Q&A Posts, Care Reaction and Profile Frames.

Knowledge Library for static content

Knowledge Library is being introduced by Facebook as a resource for companies to create, store and share static content. Topics for which the feature can be used include advice on working from home, new HR or expenses policies that should be easily accessible to employees on the go. For workplaces that are already using the platform to communicate, Knowledge Library would help add a new dimension, bringing static and dynamic information, together in one place.

'Draft for' for internal communication

Draft for is a feature that would allow individuals to draft posts on behalf of executives, who can later review, approve or publish them. The feature is being rolled out in the hope to help organisations streamline accurate information flow and better accommodate remote working and related increase in the volume of updates.

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Campaigns to check morale

Slated to release in May this year, Campaigns can be used to track audience reach and engagement across a group of posts. Sentiment metrics can be used to assess and identify the morale of employees. For example, with Campaigns, one could publish multiple posts about a topic like work from home and then track their impact on employee morale to get an understanding of whether relevant information is being disseminated.

Q&A posts for quick feedback

Designed for employers to get quick feedback, Q&A posts would help organisations understand what's important to employees and act accordingly. The feature includes the option for users to add and upvote questions, to highlight their concerns and make their voices heard.

Care Reaction and Profile Frames

The new Facebook Care Reaction, an emoji hugging a heart, is being brought to Workplace as an attempt to help colleagues show care and support when responding to a post, message, photo or video. Multiple Profile Frames are also being launched in work from home themes. Care Reaction and Profile Frames will be rolled out in May.

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