Across the world brands chime: Together, we can fight COVID-19

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As the lockdown stretches across the world in varying timelines, brands build narratives of hope to keep up the fight against COVID-19. We take a look at some Global campaigns motivating the fight against COVID-19.

Brands across the globe are using their resources and reach to help spread awareness about COVID-19 as well as the importance of hope and resilience in the current circumstances. The narratives picked up by brands include the workings of social distancing, life in quarantine, deserted public spaces and the need to support the hard work and sacrifices of health workers.

They are trying to give people something to look forward to, something that would help them stay hopeful that the lockdowns would be lifted and life will win. Most of the campaigns have visuals that have been shot remotely, in less professional environments by ordinary people. Some have included old footage, re-purposed to fit into the story that needs to be told today.

One of the overarching theme in global COVID-19 campaigns is the feeling of gratitude. Another is solidarity. The gratitude is towards everyone fighting the pandemic in their own ways and the sense of solidarity is to express that no matter how little the contribution may seem, it matters.

When it comes to social distancing and life in quarantine, the importance of technology and the internet in the lives of people shines through. These campaigns show us a grandma using video call to tell bedtime stories, people working out at home as well as working from home. Empty streets and public spaces have become a sign of solemn celebration. A shift in the way people lead lives globally can be seen.



Dove Canada

Ohio Department Of Health




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Vodafone India

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