HUL-UNICEF urge consumers to fight for freedom from COVID-19

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In an attempt to spread awareness about precautions against COVID-19, HUL & UNICEF have released three videos under #VirusKiKadiTodo. The campaign consists of pre-recorded footages.

Drawing parallels with the freedom struggle, Hindustan Lever and UNICEF have spun three narratives to portray how the fight against COVID-19 is similar. It would require people to fight together while maintaining social distancing and taking due precautions. The HUL-UNICEF campaign has been released in English (Break the chain) and Hindi (#VirusKiKadiTodo).

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Three videos have been released as part of the campaign across social media. They are themed around handwashing, " target="_blank">social distancing and " target="_blank">donations.

Footage used in the video includes key moments of the freedom struggle as well as of the current circumstances, as being documented publicly. A grayscale theme has been used across these videos to portray how both the events are situations where history was/is being written.

The parallels drawn include clenched fists being a symbol of strength, stepping out to show unity and the importance of charkha in the freedom struggle. The idea is to communicate that Indians need to understand the need of the hour, as they did before, and act appropriately. The campaign has been conceptualised by Ogilvy, Mumbai.

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