Instagram Playbook for brands to communicate with ease amidst COVID-19

Instagram For Business COVID-19 Playbook lists ways for brands to keep things moving in the face of the lockdown using the platform’s tools.

The COVID-19 crisis has left people and businesses in a lurch. There isn’t a clear way ahead on many fronts, including communication, especially over social media. Recognising the complex environment of nation-wide lockdowns and the challenges brands are facing the world over, Instagram has released a playbook for brands to navigate through the tough times of COVID-19 effectively.

In Instagram For Business COVID-19 Playbook, the photo-sharing platform has listed some creative ways for brands to stay purposeful in the times of social distancing. These include the use of digital tools, authentic engagement and keeping lines of communication with customers open.

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Some of the key ‘how to’ guides included in the playbook are:

  • Digital expansion of business and services
  • Getting messages out and staying connected with the community
  • Ensuring seamless communication with customers online

On the tool’s front, the playbook also lists ways on how brands can make the most of Instagram tools like Instagram Live, Direct, Stories, IGTV and Instagram Shopping.

You can access the entire playbook here: