Instagram revamps IGTV app, adds Discover tab

IGTV app

IGTV app gets Discover tab, hand-free recording option and a redesigned homepage with a focus on creators and personalisation.

Instagram is revamping its standalone IGTV app with a focus on making it creator-friendly. With a hike in creators going live on a regular basis, it could be a good move to direct them into using the app instead of accessing IGTV features on the main Instagram app.

Reportedly, the homepage has been redesigned to feature creators based on who they follow and whose content the app thinks might be interesting to them. An addition to the app is a Discover tab, similar to the one on Instagram. It will help users find new and relevant IGTV content.

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Discover tab is a key update for earlier, the app would display only videos from people users were already following, along with some popular videos. The update is expected to help the app become more user-friendly, engaging and relevant — helping it hold the attention of consumers.

One of the most important updates in the redesigned IGTV app is the option to go for a hands-free recording mode. This is bound to help creators experiment with an produce a wide range of formats.

As for accessing IGTV videos from the Instagram app, the videos shared on Stories will no longer contain freeze-frames. Instead, the preview would be a 15-second preview play of the content. This is expected to increase the chance of people getting hooked and watching it in its entirety.