In remembrance: Brand creatives pay tribute to the life and works of Irrfan Khan

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Irrfan Khan brand creatives

Joining fans in mourning, businesses took to social media to express their love and grief with brand creatives celebrating the life of Irrfan Khan.

Over the last many years, Irrfan Khan created a niche for himself in the film industry as well as the hearts of his fans. May it be in the form of a prospective love interest, a loving father or a character looking back at his life, his acting skills made their mark in ways it will take us many more years to comprehend and appreciate. As the news came about of his demise, various brand creatives found their way online in remembrance of Irrfan Khan.

Among the creatives shared by brands, there was a strong sense of gratitude towards Khan for the work he left behind and the stories he helped bring alive. most of the brands included his images and sketches in the creative.

Some brands also did a wordplay on his name, using the first three alphabets of his name and juxtapositioning it with words like irresistible and irreplaceable.

One of the common object element used was the lunchbox. This was true not just for brand creatives but also artworks created by creators online.


Acko General Insurance


Fagun Restaurant Indore

Tata Sky


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Mumbai Police


Western Railway

Though Irrfan Khan is no longer among us, his legacy will truly live on, inspiring generations of artists and moviemakers to come. RIP, Irrfan.

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