Khimji Jewels releases second leg of #DiscoverYourLove world music album globally

Khimji Jewels

Khimji Jewels and Digital Dogs collaborated with musicians from across the world to spread a message of hope and love.

The content-led program, developed in a rapid-fire time frame, ropes in artists and musicians, composers, singers, and producers from across the world. Creative talent from the UK, Kazakhstan, and India have come together to create beautifully compelling music that spreads a message of hope, faith, and love. 

Nishit Nanda, Executive Director, Khimji Jewels said, “As a brand, we have always stood by our audience. Over 80 years, we have been partnering with our customers and people in every aspect of their lives. When this coronavirus crisis hit us all, it was but obvious that we needed to say something that was relevant as well as authentic.”

Khimji Jewels have worked with Digital Dogs Content and Media and Chennai and Los Angeles based PressPlay Collective to create this project. Digital Dogs, a venture set up in April 2020 by Ambarish Ray and Anjali Rawat, swears by the power of authentic storytelling.

Anjali Rawat, Co-Founder, and Director of Design Thinking, Digital Dogs commented, “When we realized the sheer scale of what the world is going through, we had to build an idea that was not just big but also big on heart. The core insight came from a simple human truth – when you make people spend limitless time and space with the ones they love, they end up discovering beautiful new things about one another. #DiscoverYourLove tells that story. Through music”.

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The latest video has London based singer and composer Ananya (NYSZA) crooning in her beautifully enchanted voice. Through modern jazz and Latin fusion music, she assures us that though the world may be shut now, we will all get through this hand in hand. As we discover love.