COVID-19: Kolkata building releases city-inspired awareness campaign video

Kolkata campaign

An ode to India from Kolkata, The42’s campaign is conceptualised around the concept of ‘rising higher’ with a focus on city flavours.

In solidarity with the super-humans working around the clock for the safety of Indian citizens, The42 Kolkata has released a city-inspired campaign video. Conceptualised by Digitale and executed and produced by Graphixstory, the video uses animated sketches to put forth the flavours of Kolkata, depicting how precautionary steps are paramount at the moment.

The concept of ‘rising higher’ has been strewn into the narrative in sync with the tall structure of The42 Kolkata. A female voice has done the voiceover for the video, narrating the things Kolkata is known for and the people over there are proud of.

Midway through, the narrative turns to the current environment and pays tribute to the frontline workforce working hard to keep the city and the country safe.

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According to Yashaswi Shroff, The42 Management, “There seemed to be a lot of negativity around all of us. No doubt these are some very challenging and tough times. Therefore, we wanted to depict the strength of humanity even during such a period — that we understand the gravity of the situation and there is no other way to defeat COVID-19 other than being indoors.”

Mrinal Lunia, Director, Digitale, “We wanted to juxtapose the message that the city of Kolkata might have had to pause temporarily but will rise higher through this adversity. Through this film, we wanted to spread the message that standing tall right now is the need of the hour for the continuity of future generations and times to come.”

Arnab Samanta, Head, Marketing, Graphixstory, “The film shows a simple message of the entire scenario with an inspirational narrative alongside the visuals of some of the most important landmarks of our city. For today, we face the challenges of yesterday and stand together fearless.”