Brands give the lockdown extension announcement a quirky take

Lockdown extension topical posts

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement around lockdown extension causes a flurry of topical content and brand posts online.

This Tuesday morning, Indians woke up to the knowledge of the nation-wide lockdown being extended to May 3. It is quite possible that along with millions of people listening in to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, brand creative teams too sat hooked to every word uttered. The announcement was bound to ignite online conversations, and every sentence was a possible content peg. They were quick to act. The extension was swiftly dubbed Lockdown 2.0 as brands started dishing out topical posts.

The idea of staying at home is safe for all was a popular concept among these brand posts, a close second being the romanticisation of staying in bed for a little while longer. As expected, the latter was leveraged by sexual wellness product brands like Durex and Manforce. The security aspect was aptly put forth by Fevicol with a wordplay on strong doors.

Tinder was able to create a slider post of two frames. The word extension was broken into two parts with a focus on the word ‘ex’ — making it relevant to Tinder’s quirky brand communication.

Another interesting use of copy to communicate was by Nykaa Man. The brand was able to highlight ‘teen may’ — explaining how it is important to stay quarantined till then.



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An extension to the moans. #ExtendedLockdown

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Durex India

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Nykaa Man

Acko General Insurance


Tinder India

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PSA do not text your exes fam, this too shall pass ?

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The Quad by BLR

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