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Mariyam wishes to develop her blog, The Beautyholic, as a go-to source for beauty, lifestyle and fashion, helping people buy better.

While starting out as a blogger, Mariyam wrote posts on a daily basis for three to four months. It helped leverage her passion for writing to shape the content she wanted to put across. She feels it's important for bloggers to know what interested them the most and pick a niche. Writing every day goes a long way to do so. In conversation with Social Samosa, she tells us more about running her blog, The Beautyholic.

Looking back, where did it all begin? 

It all began when I searched a makeup product’s review on the internet and came across a beauty blog, which had it with pictures. I was so fascinated because I never knew these websites existed! It was about four years ago that I decided this is what I was going to do, without having any idea if it would be profitable.

What is your USP in this cluttered space? How does your content give you an edge?

My USP is to be completely honest with my audience. If something isn't great, I have to tell them so. Also, my content is no-fluff and detailed so that one can get an in-depth knowledge of a specific topic.

Please take us through your content creation process. How do you stay relevant and relatable?

I find covering usual topics very dull, so I try to cover things that don't have too many details but are intriguing for readers.

How do you make moolah with your efforts?

Adsense and occasional sponsored posts make me a few bucks.

How do you maintain editorial objectivity with the influx of brand briefs?

First of all, I never promote things I don’t believe in. If I’m willing to use a product on my skin, then only you can see me promoting it. In conversations with brands, I always maintain that my review or thoughts will be genuine or else I’m out.

One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile

Not just one, there are so many. My readers ask me questions about the products I use, whether something will suit their skin or not, and I love to answer them. It makes me feel like I'm doing something seriously.

Weirdest brand brief/request ever

There was a popular supplement brand who wanted me to post a review in return of good bucks, but I politely refused because they wanted me to share their thoughts instead of mine.

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If not blogging, you would be?

I'd be reading a book or meditating somewhere near the Himalayas. I love cooking, so trying new recipes keeps my spirits high. If I weren't a blogger, my life would have been plain boring and meaningless. Maybe a YouTuber. I guess I can still do it now, right?

A day in your life...

I wake up at 7 (or eight sometimes), meditate in nature, have my breakfast and then turn on my laptop and hop on to working on my blog. I take short breaks while working and eat clean as much as possible. Last year, I took gardening as a hobby because it helps me relieve stress and brings me closer to nature.

Your Favorite Influencer

If I pick just one influencer, it would be unfair because I adore so many of them!

The Future you foresee for your Personal Brand

I’m working on my blog for it to bring it to more people. I really see my blog’s future as a go-to source for beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. I want to educate more and more people about their buying decisions as well so you can see me writing buying guides, product recommendations so that my audience can get a clear vision what to buy and what not!

Message/tips for upcoming bloggers

If writing is your passion, the best thing you can pursue is blogging. I too started like that. I wrote posts daily for 3-4 months and enjoyed every bit of it. Just don't forget that the content should be relevant and helpful.

Pick a niche or topic you know in and won't feel bored writing about it every day. Once you know what interests you the most, you can go ahead with the idea.

If you are a total newbie with no idea of how to start a blog, go with BlogSpot or WordPress, which both are free blogging platforms. Once you learn it all, shift your blog to a paid hosting, and get your custom domain.

If you start out blogging just because of the big moolahs, you may be disappointed. Grow your blog slowly but wholeheartedly. Don't rush, put in your work, and everything will happen to you eventually.

For a successful blog today, you not only need amazing writing skills but a basic knowledge of SEO as well which involves creating catchy headlines, using bullet points whenever needed, short but engaging paragraphs and most importantly placing your main keywords in the article naturally so they show up in search engaging and you get the traffic you deserve.

When you are promoting a product, make sure it's useful and something you wouldn't think twice before buying. Being an influencer puts you in a pedestal where you are responsible for every word you say and every word you recommend.

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