TikTok introduces Family Pairing for parental control

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Family Pairing will let a parent link their TikTok account to their teen's and accordingly set controls.

The options and controls on this feature include, 'Screen Time Management', 'Restricted Mode', and 'Direct Messages'. Family Pairing is intended to customize safety controls on TikTok.

Screen Time Management will let parents control how long their teen can spend on TikTok each day. The platform has also partnered with creators to make short videos that prompt users to keep tabs on their screen time.

Restricted Mode controls the appearance of inappropriate or age-appropriate content. Family Pairing also has an option to restrict who can send Direct Messages to the connected account, or turn off direct messaging completely.

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The platform claims, "Many users start their creator journey at (the age of) 13", but the app's past trajectory indicates that it is not shielded by the negatives.

TikTok has also faced an interim ban in India. Stemmed from cases such as the death of a 19-year old because of a gun going off while shooting a video, children being exposed to sexually explicit content, and cases of cyberbullying.

Not so long ago, when the 'Mature Bag Guy' gained popularity on TikTok and then other platforms, the adolescent mentioned that along with the popularity he was also cyber-bullied, and he was able to deal with it, but a different person in his place might not have been able to.

Online Behavior is unpredictable in many parts for adults as well but especially for kids. Therefore, the responsibility of control falls on the parents' shoulders.

While the platform has introduced Family Pairing, and previously also shared safety suggestions, and more, it's important to note that the negatives may not be completely blocked out and shouldn't go unrecognized to start a creators' journey young.

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