Twitter to make it easier to view quote tweets

Social Samosa
Apr 24, 2020 03:48 IST

Twitter is currently working on perfecting a feature that will allow users to access quote tweets right next to the number of retweets.

Twitter users have been sharing screenshots on the micro-blogging site, highlighting that they are able to see retweets with comments right next to the retweets column. A move that has been confirmed by the company's product lead, Kayvon Beykpour. This will allow easy access to quote tweets. Currently, only a few users can use this feature as it is still being tested.

Earlier, users could access quote tweets by copy-pasting the original tweet's URL in the search bar with a code. Some even chose to tag accounts like Quoted Replies, which would then share the same link, helping users access quote tweets. These queries were usually made in regards to tweets that users found intriguing enough to dwell into further conversations.

A few days ago, reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong had shared a code, predicting that Twitter might be working on displaying quote tweets in the app. The move was recently confirmed by Twitter's product lead.

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In terms of metrics, users will be able to get a better sense of numbers and reach of a tweet. Earlier, only the number of retweets would be displayed, ignorant of the reach of retweets that were made with comments. It will now become easier for the user behind the original Twitter user to understand and measure the reach of their content.

Making quote tweets easily accessible to users is likely to add a new dimension to the way conversations are consumed on the platform. This will pave the way to easy creation of new formats and trends where a network of tweets is key to the spread of information.

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