YouTube launches Video Builder free video generation tool

YouTube Video Builder

Video Builder is equipped with features that can aid users to customize visual aspects, add logos, and use animation to generate short YouTube videos.

It’s currently in the beta phase and available in English only, but Video Builder supports several languages when creating a video. The tool can animate statistic assets of (for example) a campaign, add music from the platform’s library, platform-specific video layouts optimized in accordance with YouTube aspect ratios.

Users also have varied options with colors and font, to create visually compelling short format campaigns or videos and also add a CTA. Users can create videos up to 6 seconds, 15 seconds, or 16 seconds long.

The tool is available only to select users that need to suffice YouTube’s requirements and have resources that support the feature. The Google account you’d use to access this feature needs to have ‘Owner’ or ‘Manager’ permissions to the channel where the generated videos will be automatically uploaded by Video Builder.

Users need to request access to the tool by using this form. Most requests are handled within 5 business days. The email address that you provide in the form should be the same that you use for your Google Account, you can also connect your non-Gmail email address to a Google Account.

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Video Builder is optimized for Google Chrome, therefore the platform recommends using the latest version of Google Chrome. Users should have copyrights to all images and logos used in the video or the legal rights to use all images or logos in the video.

Currently, containment measures around the world have curbed the production of videos and campaigns. Therefore, brands and users are opting for animated or ‘shot from home’ videos with minimal production to continue putting out campaigns and content.

YouTube Video Builder would aid video creation with features needed at this time, but its accessibility on most parts is restricted to Google products.

After users finish creating a video with the tool and save the video, they can share the video with collaborators, embed the video on a website, or create a video campaign through Google Ads.