AgencyCon 2020: Experts share tips to navigate through turbulent times

AgencyCon 2020: Agencies VS COVID-19

In-line with the theme of AgencyCon 2020: Agencies V/S COVID-19, agency leaders share two cents on how to sail through these turbulent times.

In a bid to bring together the best minds from the A & M industry, AgencyCon 2020 went Live on 20th May 2020 with the theme of Agencies VS COVID-19. Social Samosa interacted with some of the top agency leaders to understand how to power through this phase.

What is the one tip/advice that can help the A & M industry to sail through to achieve business objectives? Agency leaders speak:

Chetan Asher, Founder & CEO, Tonic Worldwide said, “In challenging times, agencies need to focus on the heart of the organization. For us, it is our people, talent & culture. If we take care of that, we will come out stronger from the situation”.

Aatef Bham, CEO, Togglehead shared that to tackle a lot of unsettled minds, effective communication is the need of the hour.

Piyush Kedia, CEO & Founder, Blue Vector said, “Mindfulness should be the key to achieving many things at this time”.

Pointing towards brighter hues and the fact that efficiencies can be achieved even in a virtual setup, Ankur Agarwal, Co-founder, Insomniacs shared that the agencies are agile. “Brands will alter their business model and digital marketing will play a crucial role”, he said.

Nisha Singhania, Co-founder & Director, Infectious Advertising said, “Adapt to perish! That’s the only certainty at this time”.

Rubeena Singh, CEO, iProspect, asserted that for any agency people are at its core. While on the one hand, we need to keep our team motivated, on the other hand, she shared that agencies also need to understand their clients & their business problems to provide assistance.

Vivek Bhargava, CEO, DAN Performance Group said that the crisis will accelerate the need for a digital mindset. “Our role as agency leaders is not just to do advertising but sell products of clients and make profits. If we don’t evolve, we will struggle”, he said.

Adversity is the best time for creativity, shared, Rohan Mehta, CEO, Social Kinnect. Mehta further pointed out that creatively aligning certain teams within the companies by thinking outside of traditional structures can help agency leaders to tackle the situation.

Prashant Puri, CEO & Co-founder, said that infusing empathy & concentrating on strengthening existing relationships with clients should be areas that the agency leaders should focus at this time.

The two broad aspects that emerged during the conversations with the industry honchos were empathy and people at the core of everything.

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