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How do we define Granth Creations?

The journey started in the year 2016 when a thought struck our Captain’s (Kandarp) mind. Being a content writer himself, he dreamt of forming a team that was creative, passionate, and ready to change the way people perceived brand communication. The idea was to help brands realize what the right form of communication could do for them. Later, Ashish Bhalani came on board in the year 2018 and thus began the journey of Granth Creations Pvt. Ltd.


What binds us all at Granth is not just our zeal to keep trying new things but the fact that content has the power to turn a product/service into a brand.

What's in a name?

Since we are a content-centric agency, there couldn't be a better name but Granth. The word Granth is associated with our ancient Vedas because it means the ocean of knowledge. It signifies that you can find every form of content in Granth.

In short, content is the base of every creative offering and we wanted to showcase the same through our brand name as well. It is for the very same reason that we chose our tagline ‘Content to Connect’.

What do we do?

From budding startups to well-established firms, we aim to render our services to all organizations. At Granth, we have put together a spectrum of services ranging from branding solutions, graphics, content, translation, publication, merchandise, and so on.

Why we do it?

It has become a common scenario to come across creatives that might look great but then we can’t say the same about the content. We can keep creating gorgeous looking designs but it would be a waste with content that doesn’t justify the brand.

Design and content are elements that are equally important. Our goal is to bring back the glory that content deserves through the work of Granth.

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How we evolve?

It began with just two people trying hard to create a name for themselves as well as not compromising with their ideals. From just two to now a team of more than 20, this journey has taught us a lot more than what words can express.

Ours is an ever-changing industry that makes it vital to attend various sessions and workshops by experts. In this process of evolving and learning, our emphasis isn’t just on the real-life experiences but figuring out whatever new ways we can to understand the world from a different perspective. One of the ways being reading books on different topics and writers from across the world. Our library at Granth consists of a multitude of books that we keep updating from time to time.

Social Responsibility

One might wonder what can a creative agency do? The answer lies in the fact that our work is our biggest weapon and there is so much that has been and can be done through it. Let’s shun the preconceived notions and definitions regarding a contribution towards society and do whatever we can.

In this age of the internet, too much information and especially the wrong ones are serious issues too. Along with two of our peer companies, we conceptualized and designed the ‘Corona Commando’ informative course in association with Surat Municipal Corporation.

Our idea ‘Sharing & Caring’ ranked in the top 10 in the international competition held at UAE by Techstars Startup weekend program.

Last but not the least, we were declared Innovation Warrior by the Gujarat government. This appreciation means the world to us but more than that we are happy that we could help in our small way during this hour of crisis.

The need of the hour

We have realized that it isn’t just about the tough times that we are going through but there are so many things that need our attention. We often overlook things as they don’t seem important or affect us. The goal is to treat everything and everyone as our own and do whatever we can. Nature and society have done a lot for us. It’s time we start doing our bit.


learned the hard way

We had to make clients understand what that one word or sentence could do and it’s not copy-paste. We give our everything to aim and come up with the best in every situation. It’s heartbreaking to hear that anyone can write or it’s child’s play.

It has been challenging to say the least but in the end, it’s all worth it when there’s respect for good quality content along with acknowledgment. This is what we strive for and intend to continue forever.


work with us

We believe in Client Devo Bhav: and have served

more than 100+ clients from various sectors. Following are some of the amazing

people who gave us the freedom to showcase our creativity:

  • Government of

  • Directorate of

    Agriculture, Gujarat Government
  • Abaj Technologies
  • Plutomen

  • Pratilipi
  • Santosh Starch

    products limited
  • Parul University
  • Prarambh Smart

  • Padma Shree

    Gunvant shah 


industry as we foresee

There's a lot more technology and technique behind every aspect in the industry. People are getting to know the power of content and not to undermine it anymore. They are looking for agencies that put quality content as top priority. The future is all about content that connects with the people. Something that they can relate and take back with them. People want content that has impact and is meaningful. 

A day

without Internet

We would be lying if we say that we can completely survive without the internet. The truth is we definitely need it but we do understand that there are situations that are beyond our control. More than ranting and getting irritated, we think it is better to face life as it comes. If not the internet, there are other things that exist too.

It's been more than a year that we started '45 minutes reading session' before diving into work. It’s no more an activity which is compulsory to do but rather something that comes from within. All of us enjoy this time and look forward to it.

Lastly, are you hiring?


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