Agency Feature: The Media Troop

The Media Troop agency

How do we define The Media Troop?

The Media Troop is a public relations and internet marketing agency in Pune, India. The agency aims to go a step ahead and decipher problems to offer solutions in a way that is as rare as hen’s teeth.

We focus on a holistic approach to public relations and digital marketing by looking at the client’s core values, target market, and best practices and methodology on how to craft an authentic message that resonates directly with their audience.

The few businesses that we do not work for include: Tobacco, alcohol, meat-processing, and gambling.

Our key people are Shekhar Wagh, Co-Founder and PR Head & Vipul Dulange, Co-Founder, Head- Digital Marketing

What’s in the name?

We strongly believe that Media (Newspapers, magazines, etc.) and digital media platforms are not lesser than any ‘artillery’ to strengthen your power. We are like the troop in the field of media who aims to improve the business and accelerate the brand value!

What do we do?

Divergent thinking- from designing PR campaigns to preparing crisis management plans, celebrity management, driving customers through digital marketing to website development. We work on all aspects of PR, digital marketing, and reputation management, to help businesses get on the right track.

Why we do it?

We are passionate about businesses!

Public Relations is an interesting field. Many people have a hard time defining what we do, as it encompasses so many areas: media relations, event planning, internal communication, writing, and strategic planning, to name a few. There are a lot of reasons to enter in PR Industry, including the excitement and variety of the projects.

We, as public relations professionals, are trained to help clients or organizations reach a level of understanding with their stakeholders, their targeted customers, and that can cover the way for better relationships, better cooperation, and better performance.

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How has the role of PR changed with the digital ecosystem coming off age?

A decade ago, there were no “digital” or “traditional” PR agencies, there were only PR agencies.

Since the digital revolution, PR has been forced to adapt. Search engines, blogs, and online communication tools have offered fresh ways to gain publicity, leaving the traditional media tools (offline, TV, radio) trailing behind. What has remained consistent, however, is the need for unique stories and content, which is still the vital component of any successful PR campaign – be online or offline.

The need of the hour

Well, this is a sensitive topic. People are expected to act the same way online as they would behave in person. They should abstain from posting, tweeting, or writing anything that would be seen as a reflection of religious, political, racial biases which would have a toll on our credibility.

We learned the hard way

Relationships are key to success in the PR industry. Working closely with journalists, colleagues, and clients is paramount to productivity. Unless and until we clearly understand the objectives of the people we are working with, we cannot help them to reach their targets or goals. So communication is the cornerstone of what we do.

  • Clients expect you to be ahead of the curve;
  • Second and very important, social media HAS to be a part of your communications strategy;
  • Content is king;

They work with us

We are working in all industry verticals like IT- Bulk and Key, Food and Beverage, Educational Institutes KJ’s educational institutes, NGOs- Annapurna Pariwar, Healthcare Industry- Indian Fharma Fair, many multispecialty hospitals, Fashion, and Film Industry, etc.

The industry as we foresee

According to a survey in 2019, where the top businesses admitted that 15-20% of their marketing budget is allocated for social media advertising. From this, we can understand the importance of social media for businesses and predict huge growth and demand for this industry. The global connectivity is at its peak nowadays. Before a decade or two, there were very few social networking sites available.

We can predict the social media industry in India making huge developments and create demands soon.

A day without Internet

Well, if you just imagine someone stranded alone somewhere in Registan, without access to basic means of survival like food, water, and shelter, etc. That is exactly what I feel would be the impact of a day without the internet- a feeling of being stranded.

Lastly, are you hiring?