AgencyCon 2020: Products are made in factories, brands are made in hearts says Piyush Pandey

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In conversation with Kunal Jeswani, Piyush Pandey talks about life under the lockdown and how brands are braving the impact of COVID-19.

Spending the lockdown learning new things, getting better acquainted with technology, completing household chores, writing, staying in touch with colleagues and brands, Piyush Pandey feels life is going on quite well with adjustments. Though he misses meeting people one-on-one, the virtual meetups aren’t all that bad. In conversation with Ogilvy India CEO Kunal Jeswani, he tells more.

Kickstarting the talk with a cricket metaphor, Pandey explains how the wicket is bad, we have a match to play. “The wicket is behaving in a funny fashion right now, so you have to make sure that you don’t throw your wicket away. You have to last it out.”

“There will be a period, there will be a lunch break, the wicket will dry up a little better. You should be there in good form to score the runs when the wicket is better,” he adds. He throws in an example of how a person down with Typhoid takes measures to get back to good health for better times.

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Talking about the process of creating campaigns under lockdown, Pandey discusses several interesting aspects of working from home, including coordination, the importance of conversations and kindness for each other. “I think when you are in a difficult position, people rise above their levels and are happy to help you,” he says.

When asked about how should clients react to the crisis, Pandey explains that in times like these you are not tested as a marketing head, you are tested as a human being. “Brands have to be a part of the community. We have always read and believed in that products are made in factories and brands are made in the hearts of people.”

He adds, “Don’t lose your place. You may not be able to supply them on a regular basis but don’t discontinue to supply your affection and your goodwill to those people.”

With a focus on how advertising, communication and storytelling won’t ever die, Piyush Pandey remains hopeful and spirited about the future.

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