#AgenciesVsCovid19: The Agency Warrior Initiative

Agency Warrior

The Agency Warrior Initiative is an attempt by the Social Samosa Network to bridge the gap between NGOs and Agencies and facilitate networking.

As a part of #AgenciesVsCovid19, the Social Samosa Network is extending an invitation to NGOs and Agencies to come together with an aim to expand the digital footprint of non-profit organisations.

On the part of the Agency, we ask for a commitment to help NGOs on a pro bono basis. On the part of the NGOs, we wish for co-operation in terms of time & resources and an understanding of the needs and channels of communication.

In sync with the two, we would help facilitate a network that can be fruitful in expanding social conversations, ability to raise funds and build channels to disseminate factually informative content.

What’s an #AgencyWarrior?

Being an #AgencyWarrior is a commitment to help NGOs expand their digital footprint on a pro bono basis. The Social Samosa Network will only act as a platform to help NGOs and Agencies get in touch with each other, taking a call on whether to work together will solely depend on both parties deciding on a mutual fit. The agencies that come forward for the initiative will be awarded an #AgencyWarrior badge as a mark of recognition.

Communication needs of an NGO

While working on a communication strategy of a non-profit, it imperative to have an understanding of their core philosophy and donation channels. Which modes of dissemination work well for them? How can the strengths be augmented? The ability to communicate without appearing too sensational or promotional is a key asset. So are exploring opportunities with a focus on objectives like cause awareness, volunteer participation, fundraising and resource mobilisation.

To participate in the initiative as an NGO, please fill this form.

Where agencies come in

An agency can use its strategic expertise to help a non-profit achieve specific objectives in regards to the current initiatives and put together a roadmap for future initiatives. It is also equally important to educate the NGO personnel in how to communicate online as well as design creative guidelines and templates that they can use on their own in the long run. The core area where an agency can truly make a difference is to help the non-profit create an authentic, relatable and effective digital presence.

To commit to being an #AgencyWarrior, please fill this form.

In case of any doubts, please feel free to get in touch with us at team@socialsamosa.com.