Burger King India's #ReassuringWhopper attempts to bring people closer

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Burger King India #ReassuringWhopper

Conceptualized by Famous Innovation & executed by FoxyMoron, the #ReassuringWhopper aims to help people to share love & connect with the near & dear ones, virtually.

Burger King India has introduced #ReassuringWhopper with an aim to bring together people, separated in these trying times. Amidst the current situation, while many are staying at home with family, there are some who live away from their loved ones. Thus, for thousands of people, in the latter category, the only way of communication is through a call.


Conceptualized by Famous Innovation and executed by FoxyMoron, the new initiative #ReassuringWhopper offers one more way of sharing love and connecting with the near and dear ones. As part of the campaign, consumers can now send a Whopper to their special someone by just tagging @BurgerKingIndia social media handles. Upon tagging, Burger King India will deliver a whopper to consumers at both ends, which they can relish together virtually.

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Elaborating on the thought, Srinivas Adapa, CMO Burger King India said, "Food has always brought people together. In these trying times, we hope the Whopper can bring a bit of joy to families and friends who are physically separated. One can’t go the distance, but with the ‘Reassuring Whopper’, we would like to provide a moment of connectedness by sharing the Whopper albeit virtually. Burger King as a brand has always believed in finding the lighter and brighter side of things, and in these times, this is our little ray of optimism and positivity.”

Raj Kamble, Founder and CCO, Famous Innovations, added, "If you've ever lived away from parents as a young person, you know that they have only one important question for you all day - are you eating on time? There's nothing quite like the reassurance of knowing that someone who loves is eating well, and better yet, sharing a meal with them (even if it's over a video call). At a time when a lot of people may be alone and feeling far away from everyone and everything they care about, we hope that this small gesture will create a little joy.”

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