Coca-Cola releases ads for markets inching towards ‘New Normal’

Coca Cola

As parts of the globe make their way into the world after COVID-19, Coca-Cola launched new digital spots to keep up the spirits.

Coca-Cola recently released two online films to celebrate the power of the human spirit to persevere through the coronavirus pandemic. Meant for markets where the COVID-19 outbreak is slowing and the society is approaching a return to the ‘new normal,’ the spots refresh popular old ads of Coca-Cola with a twist of the current context. The two spots are called To The Human Race and For Everyone.

While To The Human Race will debut in parts of Asia and Latin America, For Everyone (or Por Todos in Spanish) will initially run across Asia and Africa, as well as in Spain and all of Latin America.

To The Human Race will be supported by a website featuring short video profiles of front-line heroes featured in the film. 

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“This new creative salutes the generosity and courage of the everyday heroes of this crisis – from healthcare workers on the front lines, to those of us doing our part to stop the spread of the virus by staying home – and sends an optimistic message that things will get better,” said Manolo Arroyo, chief marketing officer and president, Asia Pacific group.

The spots will be shared via social and digital channels. They have been created with a scope to be scaled globally, giving Coca-Cola teams around the world the flexibility to customise with local imagery and packaging.

“We’re intentionally taking a phased, situational approach and empowering our marketers to decide which spots to launch – and the appropriate timing – based on consumer mindsets in their geographies,” Arroyo added.

Towards a ‘New Normal’

In the initial stage of uncertainty around COVID-19, Coca-Cola had paused all advertising and redeployed funds to support local community relief programs and promote public health messaging. It led the brand to re-tune marketing strategies ad adapt in real-time.

For the newly launched spots, an international team of 10 Coca-Cola marketers had worked quickly on a limited budget.

In regards to selecting mediums of dissemination, spends are being redirected by the company to driving the message through digital channels and supporting the growth of e-commerce.

“This has demonstrated the ability of our global organization to be flexible and quickly pivot toward a new, very different reality no one could have imagined at the beginning of this year,” Arroyo said. “The speed at which these teams have adapted 2020 plans based on the radical shifts we’ve seen these last few weeks in shopping behaviour is remarkable.”