Experience Commerce builds A Smarter Place to Learn with Lenovo India

Lenovo India

Lenovo India and Experience Commerce have designed & developed a Technology Platform that would facilitate the recruitment of volunteer teachers and matching them with deserving students.

The teacher shortage is a known problem in India and there have been many campaigns to increase awareness on the topic. Drawing upon the insight that the problem of shortage is exacerbated with a lack of teacher attention to learner behavior, the agency and Lenovo India hit upon the idea to profile students and teachers; then use fuzzy logic-based matching to increase the chances of a successful outcome from a learning session.

SmarterEd, the smart profiling engine builds teacher profiles in minutes. Using a minimal design technique the interface can be used by audiences at different levels of digital maturity; users can also use emotion icons to express themselves. After running through the potential list of teachers when matching a student, the algorithm shortlists just three profiles who are most likely to succeed. The student picks the teacher of their choice and commits to a first lesson.

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Available in six different languages along with curated links and content on course material, the platform seeks to serve as a gateway for volunteers looking to teach and students hungry to find teachers in the real world who they can relate to.  

Commenting on this launch, Sandip Maiti, CEO & Co-Founder, Experience Commerce said “Lenovo SmarterED is a great example of how you can use smart technology to solve a specific problem. This campaign was less about communication for us, and more about delivering material value to the real stakeholders – the deserving student. The design was thus very important to this project since we needed to appeal to a wide section of audiences while recruiting across different strata of our society. The entire campaign production was done in an agile and innovative manner, with the entire team working from home under the COVID lockdown.” 

Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer (India and South Asia) at Lenovo said “In Experience Commerce, we found a great partner to bring our idea to life. I was amazed by the simplicity and elegance of their design. They always had the user at the heart with the mobile-first interface coupled with the breezy intuitive experience”.

This voluntary education enabling platform is launched on behalf of Lenovo India in partnership with eVidyaloka, an NGO that believes in facilitating better learning experiences and quality education for rural India.