Facebook expands brand safety controls for ad placements

Facebook brand safety

Facebook has updated brand safety controls to enhance the advertising ecosystem on the platform and maintain a hale environment for advertisers and users.

In accordance with the Community Standards for users, brands, and content on the platform, Facebook has introduced additional brand safety controls.

The new tools will also give advertisers more control over where their ads appear within in-stream placements. Letting them choose the kind of content that their ads should be or should not be seen around.

Available in the Brand Safety Controls interface in Business Manager, the tools can be reached with the redesigned overview page showing all ad accounts under a business and the status of their controls, new features have also been introduced to control and change safety settings such as Inventory filter, at the account level.

Publisher Whitelists for Audience Network lets advertisers designate which third-party publisher apps to run ads on.

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Content Whitelists will allow advertisers to review and customize appropriate videos for in-stream video ads. Available for advertisers working with Integral Ad Science, OpenSlate, and Zefr.

Delivery Reports will let advertisers verify brand safety risks on placements and publishers, with impression data at publisher and also content levels.

Live Stream Exclusions allow advertisers to opt-out of the test of in-stream ads in live streams, previously offered at the campaign level, and are now also available at the ad account level.

Facebook continues to participate in the World Federation of Advertiser’s Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) to align on brand safety standards and hold sessions with industry bodies to discuss how the review content and administer Community Standards.