Fastrack's lockdown campaign highlights Gen-Z's resilience

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Fastrack lockdown campaign

Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, the What you Heart Now campaign by Fastrack takes a look at the Q-time through the lens of possibilities.

To connect with Gen-Z, Fastrack Reflex has come up with a new campaign video to showcase everything that the Gen-Z is doing to keep up with their friends, family and followers during the quarantine. It highlights how they are learning that missing out on the world outside can be a joy in its own right — the joy of discovering little things like the people you’ve left on the side-lines, hobbies you’ve forgotten and nooks that were once an integral part of life. This is the time when they can 'heart it' all.

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Ayushman Chiranewala, Marketing Head, Fastrack, said “With the campaign 'What you Heart Now' the brand laurels the attitude of never letting any situation inhibit the spirits of the youth. The Young, Outgoing, Adventurous souls have made staying indoors happening and fun."

"Within the four walls of a home, they continue doing what they are passionate about, be it socializing over group video calls, acing their Coffee making skills or making TikTok videos. To ensure we connect further to our audience, we have been encouraging them to share their in-house stories with us and tell us what their heart calls out for," he added.

Commenting on the campaign idea, Puneet Kapoor, Regional Creative Officer at Lowe Lintas, said "The youth is the fastest to adapt and accept the new normal of how our lives have changed through these lockdown times. The fabulous content created in the last 40 days stands testimony to this. What one’s heart desires and how we’ve adapted in these times, has found such numerous expressions and that’s exactly where a Fastrack idea property of #WhatYouHeartNow sits. Kudos to the Shiv-Deepesh team at Lowe to have pulled this quirky content piece amidst the lockdown."

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