Huggies releases campaign with a message of hope for new moms

Huggies campaign

Huggies’ new digital campaign that reassures new moms and their babies, that the world outside would soon be safe to explore again.

After a ‘lockdown’ of nine months, new mums and their newborns find themselves in this new lockdown induced by the rapid spread of the COVID-19. Which means some of these little babies have never seen the outside world. So, Huggies took them on a journey of the big, beautiful world through a narration by Mom.

The film, conceptualized by FCB Interface, is a series of images that show the world through a baby’s eyes. The toys, room, furniture and pets. The mom is there to reassure the baby, there is a wide world outside the four walls. From the mountains and waves to the bears and butterflies, we can hear mom paint a wonderful picture of the world waiting to meet her baby.

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Speaking on the campaign, Robby Mathew, CCO, FCB Interface said, “This is perhaps the toughest time to be a new mom. She is confined to the home with her newborn, out of fear of this virus. This film is simply a message of hope for these mothers, reminding them that it will soon be safe to take their little ones into the beautiful world outside.”

Speaking on the campaign Chella Pandyan, Marketing Director, Kimberly Clark said, “Huggies believes in the power of a mom’s hug. This film expresses that idea amidst the challenging context of today. It is a message of hope & the promise of tomorrow.”