Instagram Stories: Testing new navigation, COVID-19 updates get priority and more

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Instagram Stories Updates

New updates are being tested for Stories, and one in response to COVID-19 has been rolled out by Instagram.

Instagram Stories Updates come in after soon after improvements made to Instagram Live, and new features introduced as regarding COVID-19.

Testing: Navigating Stories

Instagram is experimenting with new ways to navigate through Stories. With the current tests users would be able to scroll horizontally through the deck and pick Stories they like.

Presently, once you tap on a user's ring on the Stories bar, you'd have to tap through the ones you're not interested in. If a user would see a series of Stories they're not interested in, it might lead to decreased time spent on Stories and probably on the app too.

Which is why, the platform is testing navigation methods to simplify finding Stories users care about the most, Adam Mosseri, CEO, Instagram mentioned in a tweet, and also ran a poll to understand user behavior better. The platform was also testing something similar a few years ago.

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COVID-19 related Updates

Previously, Instagram would show a prompt to visit the WHO website when users searched for Coronavirus-related terms or hashtags, and resources such as WHO and local health authorities were being shown when a user taps on hashtags related to COVID-19.

Additionally, accounts of health organizations such as WHO would continue to be shown when users search for COVID-19 related terms, and Instagram also started showing relevant and up-to-date information from sources such as local health ministries and WHO at the top of the Home Feed in a few countries.

With the new update, Instagram will prioritize showing Stories related to COVID-19 from credible health organisations.

These Stories will only be from the health organizations you already follow. The platform might soon replicate the same feature for the feed.

Testing: Fonts

The platform is also testing new fonts for Stories, with a small group of people.

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