Social Media channels help route impressions on our website: Sandeep Shukla, Jaquar Group

Jaquar marketing strategy

Creating a strong digital presence is key to Jaquar marketing strategy for the buying journey in the sanitaryware sector begins with exhaustive online research. Sandeep Shukla takes us through Jaquar Group’s understanding of social media to remain consumer-friendly.

A lot has changed in the sanitaryware sector since 1960 when Jaquar Group came into being. Digital has become an important part of the marketing mix of the Jaquar marketing strategy in recent years. Armed with a website, mobile app and social media presence, they promote four prominent brands under the group’s portfolio — Essco, Jaquar, Artize and Jaquar Lighting.

The ongoing pandemic and lockdown have created turmoil for all non-essential businesses. In such times, digital is helping brands keep up the momentum and stay relevant in the lives of potential customers. This reflects prominently in the Jaquar Group’s social media presence, which is currently revolving around #HappyToStayIn and #LockdownLearnings.

In conversation with Social Samosa, Sandeep Shukla, Head Marketing & Communication – Global Operations, Jaquar Group explains the importance of digital presence in strengthening brand recall and facilitating sales.

Could you tell us the key aspects of Jaquar Group’s marketing strategy?

It is very important for a brand to connect with its audiences, understand their preferences within the given environment and market conditions, proving them with solutions that tick all the boxes. More than the need to sell the product, it is extremely crucial to look at ‘why’ would a consumer need the product.

We aim to deliver messages keeping in the mind the diverse cultures and multi-lingual approach to start a conversation while keeping the essence of emotional connect and trust at the core consistent across.

Given we are a proudly Made in India company, we also focus on an overall Indian-ness in our communications while adding layers of quality, design and aesthetics to it. This establishes a sense of pride amongst the consumers which further helps in connecting with them. 

What role does digital play in the brand’s marketing strategy?

For our sector, customers start by researching brands online. In India, the concept of touch and feel still exists, so the idea is to increase offline product experience with online support. Social media helps us communicate the range, and breadth of offerings, and define the unique feature of each component.

Geo-targeting has proved to be beneficial to us and digital is undoubtedly supporting us to reach to the end customer in a faster manner. We generate more than 5 lakh monthly impressions to the Jaquar website routed through our social media channels.

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Jaquar App captures a detailed view of our entire range of products. It also helps the consumer to directly get in touch with the customer service and seek any clarification when needed. 

Visual communication, as well as product demo videos, help eliminate confusion by focusing on the key aspects of the categories that require intense explanation.

Could you tell us about your target audience on social media?

Our audience online is more for Jaquar, Artize and the Lighting verticals. Essco caters to the value market where the developer or the home-owner picks out the products from their local trusted stores. The Jaquar and Artize viewers are more evolved and seek out online communications support before they make their shortlists for in-store experiences.

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What are some of the times in a year where the brand goes into aggressive marketing?

The need for bathrooms and lighting solutions appeal throughout the year. The sales and traction aren’t dominated by any particular time of the year. Till the time the homes are being built and are being renovated, the requirement of our products will constantly be there, hence we engage with our consumers throughout the year. Having said that, we do try to do something special for festivals like Diwali or popular events like the IPL.

What are some of the offline methods taken up the brand to market products and build the brand?

Jaquar has 21 orientation centres in India where customers get to immerse themselves in the whole experience of the brand’s range. We also partner with various online marketplaces to increase our brand’s presence and online lead generation, which we further aim to convert into offline sales.

It is also extremely vital to be a part of forums and exhibitions like ISH Frankfurt, Isaloni. The Jaquar Groups owned event — Design Confab a knowledge sharing session which brings together leading architects, builders and designers to discuss the issues & further helps in perceiving with the solutions.

How do you ensure top-of-the-mind brand recall?

We are working on various digital and social platforms to develop more substantial brand presence and top of the mind recall. We have started engaging with targeted influencers enabling us to leverage and reach their set of viewers and establish trust amongst the audience.

The short product videos help the consumers to understand the brand’s innovation and gain a better understanding of the product’s USP and usage.

We are also planning to launch an AI tool which will more significantly capture the data of consumer visiting the website, to give the first-hand experience in terms of visualization of their dream bathroom along with the estimation and can direct them to their nearest dealer.