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LinkedIn video interview

As professional communication turns virtual, LinkedIn launches new tools to smoothen the process of a video interview to continue uninterrupted hiring.

The new tools and features are intended to improve video interview experience for recruiters and seekers both. The article also includes a few tips for job seekers to consider while preparing for a video interview.

Testing: Video Introduction

For Job Recruiters

With the new feature, once recruiters receive applications, they can invite the qualified candidates to answer up to two questions from a list of options such as 'Tell me about yourself', and 'Describe your most challenging project'.

The feature is designed to assess a seeker's soft skills, as 92% of talent professionals believe soft skills are equally or more important. The feature is optional and candidates can re-record their answers before submitting.

LinkedIn video interview

How to set up Video Introduction?

On the last page of the job posting process, recruiters will have the option to add video intro to the job posting.

Set up a video intro in your settings. Recruiters can also set up video intro, under 'Project Settings' in New Recruiting & Jobs (NRJ).

When looking through the applicant list, recruiters can select 'invite to video intro' under the 'three horizontal dots' menu. If you do not yet have a video intro set up, you will be prompted to set one up to complete the invite.

For Job Seekers

Before, the official interview process begins, a hiring manager can request a written or video introduction. Job seekers can draft a response or record a video and present their soft skills to leave an impression before the interviewing process begins.

LinkedIn video interview

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Interview Preparation Feedback

Interview Preparation Tools include a list of frequently asked questions by interviewers categorized as 'General', 'Finance', and more, along with videos and tips by experts and hiring managers on how to answer the most common interview questions.

With the new AI-powered Interview Preparation Feedback feature, users can record a practiced version of their interviews, and get an assessment on their answer delivery instantly, with feedback on pointers such as the use of filler words, pace, and phrases one should avoid.

The feature is rolling out globally and can be accessed after you apply for jobs on the LinkedIn Jobs home page. This feature also lets users request personal feedback on the practice sessions from their connections.

LinkedIn video interview

Furthermore, here are few a more tips & tricks to help job seekers prepare for their next video interview, with inputs from LinkedIn.

  • Find a quiet spot, away from interruptions and excessive noise. Inform your family, when you are about to take the interview, so they do not disturb and keep the background noise low. Also, shut down windows to avoid disturbances from outside. This is also advisable while recording your Video Introduction.
  • Check your tech beforehand. See if your earphones are working, wipe down the front camera, choose the best spot if your house is prone to network issues, make sure your devices are charged keep a notepad, and everything you'd need handy.
  • Establish a relationship quickly. Recruiters don't have enough time as is for each candidate, and it's the same on video calls. Build a connection and rapport as soon as you can.
  • Give them a holistic view of yourself. With the most important part being, matching your skills on paper(CV) by conveying your practical experiences. The first step towards this is not lying on your CV. Apart from this give them an overview of your personality and how you are a strong match for the company's culture.
  • Show your soft skills, but without trying too hard. Soft skills are in demand with emotional intelligence being the highest in-demand, so you can make it easier for the recruiter to assess this parameter, by showing what you can offer.
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