Mothers Day Campaigns 2020 tell stories that need to be told

Paawan Sunam
May 11, 2020 04:59 IST
Mothers Day Campaigns

Mothers Day Campaigns 2020 have filled the showcase with untold stories, a palette of poetry, nourishing symphonies, gratitude for all our mothers (maternal & others) and the ones nurturing the world along with their homes.

One of the most looked forward to occasion that customarily observes several forms of storytelling and a substantial amount of ad spends, this year saw a fair amount of challenges such as minimized resources, issues with production & collaboration, and many more.

But brands and agencies have overcome all of these challenges, just like our mothers do every single day. Mothers Day Campaigns 2020 have come in better than anticipated, just like how our mothers raise us to be.

This year observed a flock of Mothers Day Campaigns dedicated to and themed around frontline caregivers and essential service providers, who along with nourishing their homes are also aiding the world.

Kotak Mahindra Bank's #MomsOnDuty in a thumbstopper format, SBI Life Insurance's #MummyKahanHai featuring four protagonists who have been paving the road to a better tomorrow during this crisis, and NIVEA India's #ShareTheCare devoted to the ones who show us many ways to care.

Several brands also composed musical campaigns, such as Titan's 'Tune For Ma' celebrates the day with the gift of music, by reviving their most recognizable signature tune - Mozart's 25th Symphony with a line-up musicians remotely playing their parts and shooting the video.

Commenting on the campaign, Mahesh Gharat, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy mentioned, "I truly believe music is the second best thing to heal this world. The first of course is our Mothers".

Rio Pads celebrates a distinct kind of maternal love, the one that involves reveling in the joy and the pride of motherhood without having given birth themselves.

Women who suffer from infertility due to irregular period cycles, hormonal imbalance, PCOD, and more of such issues also suffer from emotional distress along with the physical pain they endure. In the campaign #WhatMakesAMother, the brand features stories of women who have chosen to experience motherhood in their own way.

"The idea is to showcase this love and the story behind it and inspire other women to embrace their motherhood wholeheartedly in similar ways. You don’t have to give birth to be a mother. You are a mother by choice", adds Kartik Johari, Vice, President, Nobel Hygiene.

Bajaj Electricals and few more brands showcase how our mothers' lessons are coming in handy now more than ever. Ferns N Petals and Indian Oil tell us what our moms won't.

Popular TV characters such as Chandler, Sheldon, Jake, Rachel, and more from the Comedy Central suite received letters with a desi twist from their fictitious Maa, in the social media campaign – #MaaOnCC by the channel.

ITC Vivel with its brand endorser Kriti Sanon indulge in a Spoken Word session. Along with Vivel, a number of other brands presented a poetic narrative.

Colgate India presents the story of 'Sindhutai' - The mother of orphans, who began her life by being an unwanted child, then abandoned and married at the age of 10, later pushed to the streets by her abusive husband, and ultimately gave birth to her child in a cowshed. Despite the bitter life conditions, she took on the responsibility to nurture and educate orphaned children and raise them to be good human beings.

The showcase is set with Mothers Day Campaigns 2020, let the stories unfold.

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