MTR uses digital film to inspire confidence in hygiene standards

MTR digital film

In a new digital film, MTR stresses upon the standards of hygiene being maintained in the manufacturing and delivery of brand offerings.

The panic associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has caught essential services brands in a flurry to keep the engines running. On one hand, there are glitches to be sorted on the manufacturing and delivery of products to ensure availability, on the other, an urgent need to keep up the confidence of consumers. A digital film has been released by MTR with an aim to reassure people on this account.

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The film focuses on the safety measures that MTR Foods is following during production and distribution — sanitization and social distancing — to ensure the supply of products is not impacted. The brand is currently working to ensure their core category products remain available to consumers via ecommerce platforms.

“At MTR Foods, the priority for us is the safety and wellness of our people and the consumers. Our attempt with this film is to inform our consumers that we follow high standards of food safety during production as well as distribution, which has been further heightened at our production facility and our entire supply chain in these current times.”, said Sunay Bhasin, CMO, MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd.