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It is important to keep upgrading yourself, feels Sacheen Gupta, explaining how sticking to the same style for long can bore people.

Turning his enthusiasm for fashion into a profession, Sacheen Gupta started his page Fashionisticfit. It soon became his space to talk about fashion, fitness and the desire to look presentable. When it comes to brand collaborations, he prefers to call up brands to discuss ideas in detail instead of going back and forth communicating over emails.

Looking back, where did it all begin?

I have always been a fashion enthusiast since my college days. I wanted to get into ramp modelling but couldn't due to my height. Eventually, at the nudge of an influencer friend, I thought of using my passion, style and fashion sense into influencing people. Thus began my Instagram journey and over time, people started to appreciate my content and brands came along with endorsement opportunities.

What's in the name?

Fashionisticfit refers to a person who is into high fashion and works to keep themselves fit in order to look presentable.

What is your USP in this cluttered space?

To create content around fashion that people can relate to and can try it for themselves without hesitation.

How does your content give you an edge?

People want to see new style, fashion and content. If we stick to the same style for long, after a certain point people will get bored. To sustain in the market, it is important to upgrade yourself with new trends and keep experimenting with different looks and styles.

Please take us through your content creation process. How do you stay relevant and relatable?

First, I check the outfit sent by the brand and then look for the best locations that would be a good fit for it, where it would be properly visible. I pose and try to create a look that guys can relate to easily and even replicate if they wish to.

How do you make moolah with your efforts?

Initially, for about six to eight months, I worked on a barter basis as I wanted to make relevant content to attract brands that would be interested in paid collaborations in the future. It worked well for me and now, I only work on paid collaborations.

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How do you maintain editorial objectivity with the influx of brand briefs?

It is very simple. Instead of just communicating back and forth on emails, I prefer to call up brands to understand their requirements. I make sure to put forth my ideas. It is also important to ensure that the new piece of content is differentiable from the last.

One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile

This one time, I said yes to a collaboration opportunity for very less money. I completed the task as per expectations and within the deadline. Looking at my efforts, the agency came back with a contract offer where I had to create content for them on a monthly basis. It helped me secure regular work and made all my efforts worth it.

Weirdest brand brief/request ever.

A request to promote underwear on a barter basis. It was infuriating.

If not blogging, you would be?

I would probably be an actor.

Message/tips for upcoming bloggers

I think it's really important that when people make or do something, they should do it their own way. Be confident and try to distinguish yourself. Don't let the negativity bring you down. You will come across many people who will judge you and your work, just believe in yourself and stay optimistic.

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