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Prominent Snapchat users or commonly known as Snap Stars will now have a new slate of tools along with access to updated in-app analytics.

The new tools and updates will make it easier for them to interact with their subscriber base and the updated in-app analytics will give them a deeper insight into subjects such as 'Interactions' and more on Snapchat.

Story Replies & Quoting

Quoting is very similar to the Q&A Sticker on Instagram. It is a fan engagement tool, that simplifies sharing a subscriber's reply to a Public Story. A Snap Star can ask subscribers to send questions and answer them or vice-versa. Subscribers will be notified when they are quoted.

In-App Analytics

This tab has been updated with a new layout. Along with the total number of views and viewers, it also gives a segregated count of subscribers and non-subscribers.

The usuals such as Screenshots, Replies, and Swipe-Ups, are accompanied with the numbers of Tap Forwards/Backwards and also Swipe-Aways.

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The new layout is very different from the previous one, earlier it didn't show segregated insights, and instead of showing data of each individual story, it showed the daily reach bar graph.

Additionally, Snapchat has also launched new 'masked' bitmoji characters.

And new 3D Lenses.

Screenshot Credits: Mike Metzler

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