The Force Awakens: Star Wars brand posts rise

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Star Wars brand posts

*War Drums* It is a moment of joy during the period of a pandemic. The troopers have risen to hop in their topical pods and win the Boonta Eve Classic with Star Wars brand posts.

The celebration stems from a punny take on the iconic catchphrase "May The Force Be With You". While it might be puzzling to track the original use of the catchphrase, the initially recorded uses can be trailed to a congratulatory advertisement for a minister taking the office in the UK on May 4 in 1979.

Also, reiterated in one of the popular TV Series holding up Geek Pride - The Big Bang Theory. While Star Wars fans celebrated the day unofficially too, The Walt Disney Company officiated the holiday with several Star Wars events and festivities at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, since 2013.

Fans also host events (not during the lockdown) and fairs, movie marathons within their communities. And social media brands may be no Jedi, but they join the movement too, and the Force runs strong.

Iconic characters, famous dialogues, recognizable traits from the series, the #NeverForgotten font from the opening sequence, all of them have been used to tap the topicality of the epic space-opera franchise and a pop-culture phenomenon, for promotional purposes or to give a CTA around the pandemic.

The Force will be with you. Always.

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