#TogetherIsEpic: Tinder reflects on dating trends under lockdown

Tinder trends

With people unable to go out after swiping right on Tinder, new trends are emerging in regards to conversations and virtual dates.

In a world that needs us to practice social distancing, Tinder community is finding new ways to stay connected virtually. Based on recent data collected by the app, there has been a hike in longer conversations and people in different cities interacting quite often. The new Tinder campaign video reflects on these trends and the increasing trend of virtual dates.

A Tinder spokesperson said, “The pandemic has blurred the lines between digital and physical lives, and Gen Z is finding new ways to connect despite the odds. There is something to say about the power of digital connection and shared social solidarity while facing uncertainty.”

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“Our members have found virtual ways to replicate all the human interactions missing from our daily lives; cooking dinner together, Passporting to other cities to check in on each other, having a virtual date-night, it shows us how #TogetherIsEpic,” they added.

In India, conversations have been up an average of 39% and the average length of conversations is 28% longer. Stay home, be safe, social distancing, “how are you”, wash your hands and face emojis are being used in bios. According to data recorded between March and April, Tinder members are using the Passport feature to change location within the country, with Delhi and Mumbai being the top 2 cities Passporting to each other.