Workplace by Facebook introduces new video features

Facebook Workplace

Workplace by Facebook, a professional connectivity platform, has introduced new video features as the professional community around the world looks to collaborate remotely.

New video features introduced on Workplace by Facebook include Workplace Rooms, Live Producer, and more.

Workplace Rooms

Workplace Rooms, is the professional version of Messenger Rooms, where a host can invite up to 50 people to a video call. They don’t need to be in your company or have a Workplace account to attend.

Users can hold team meetings, host a virtual happy hour, or jump on quick one-on-one calls. A host can create video call links from Workplace Chat, Groups, News Feed or Portal, then share them in a chat, post, email, or text message.

When a host creates a room, they can lock it to prevent others from joining, keep it open for more spontaneous hangouts, or remove participants who shouldn’t be on the call. For security, a new link is generated every time one creates a room, and links cannot be used again once they have expired.

Workplace Rooms group video call

Live Producer

Live Producer is a new way to go live on Workplace from the desktop with better production value, control, and interactivity. Users will be able to schedule live videos, share their screen, and use the live Q&A feature to let people ask and vote on questions.

Automatic captions for live videos in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish are also available. Workplace will also automatically translate videos in one of these languages into the other five, so employees around the world can follow along. Users also have the option to edit the captions when they’re done in case they want to make updates before the video becomes available on-demand.

Screenshot of Live Producer

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Portal for Live Video on Workplace 

Portal’s AI-powered Smart Camera and Smart Sound make video calls more natural. The features have been brought to Workplace Live on Portal so users can have professional-level broadcasting wherever they are. The Smart Camera keeps one framed so they can focus on their presentation.

The platform is also adding a way to watch Workplace Live on Portal so users can follow what’s happening on a second screen while taking notes on the computer. Users will also be able to use Portal TV for Workplace calls and videos starting next month. 

Workplace Live on a Portal
Workplace group video call on Portal TV

Oculus for Business

The Oculus for Business platform, which provides software to set up and manage VR deployments, tailored in-headset experience, and enterprise-grade customer support, is now generally available. Oculus for Business is built on Workplace, leveraging its security infrastructure and privacy practices. Learn more on the Oculus blog.

Oculus Business used for architecture
Oculus Business used for finance