AirAsia releases a crowdsourced video campaign, #FlightsOfImagination

Wunderman Thompson

Wunderman Thompson South Asia’s #FlightsOfImagination is a crowdsourced film shot observing the rules of the lockdown, with many moving visuals that capture the human desire to fly.

Flying has always had a special fascination for us and we have flown a million times in our minds and hearts before we have taken our first flight. It is this emotion or feeling of flying that became the inspiration for a film for AirAsia, because when you take flights of imagination in your minds when you soar in your dreams when you test your wings of freedom, you are flying, and you have never stopped. Nothing can stop you.

The #FlightsOfImagination visuals bring many interpretations of flying and what it means to each of us. And the fun reimagining of flying only punctuates the fact that even as we are grounded, as humans, ‘We never stopped flying’.

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Edited to tell the story of the timeless human desire to fly and set to music that beautifully weaves many elements of sound design like the flap of wings, the whistle of the wind, birds, swing, etc. with the lilting vocals to add personal human feeling to the journey.

Priya Shivakumar, National Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson India who is also the Writer and Director of the film says, “We realized that flying is a lot more than getting on an airplane. It’s an emotion we connect with right from the time we are children. It represents so many things to us: freedom, dreams, possibilities, as many interpretations as there are people really and that’s what we wanted to capture with this film. When you look at where our flights of imagination have taken us as humans, it makes flying so personal and meaningful to us. And that’s when we know, nothing can ever make us stop flying….that’s the soul and the power of the idea and that’s the story of hope and the human spirit we wanted to tell for AirAsia during these times.”