Ariel brings back #ShareTheLoad, runs social media challenge

#ShareTheLoad campaign

Amidst the pandemic, Ariel attempts to incentivise men into contributing towards household chores with the latest leg of #ShareTheLoad campaign.

Ariel, through its latest #ShareTheLoad campaign video, aims at conveying the message: What we learn in crisis will help in times of comfort. When we share the load, we multiply the love. It is a reminder of how in times of crisis family members have all come together to work as a unit and share the load of household chores. The film is a throwback to the last 5 years of efforts the brand has put in furthering this cause by raising pertinent conversations, as it brings back all its past editions.

In an attempt to highlight real-life stories around the theme, Ariel also came up with a challenge called #ShareTheLoadstar. The initiative was incentivised with a promise that the winner would in a washing machine. Several influencers and consumers paid heed to the call and shared pictures of men and children helping with household chores.

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One of the key moments in the dissemination of the message was the photo shared by Ranveer Singh, promoting this campaign among his social media followers. With the post, he wishes to encourage all fathers, sons and husbands to contribute at home, he writes.

Commenting on the Movement, Sharat Verma, CMO, P&G India, and Head, Fabric Care Indian Subcontinent, said, “With laundry at its centre, we have always encouraged men to take up household chores and the crisis only helped us to deeply establish it as a norm. More and more men have joined the league of being equal partners. Ariel wants to move us all from intent to action by urging them to #ShareTheLaundry and take the first step towards #ShareTheLoad.”

#ShareTheLoad campaign timeline

  • 2015: Brand draws attention to uneven distribution of domestic chores with ‘Is laundry only a woman’s job?’
  • 2016: The campaign focuses on fathers and how prejudices are passed down from one generation to the next with ‘Dads Share The Load’ movement.
  • 2019: Sons Sons The Load campaign is used to question the parents: Are we teaching our sons what we are teaching our daughters?”
  • 2020: Ariel highlights the impact of the unequal division of chores on the number of hours women are able to sleep.