Campaigns communicating through the innocence of children

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Campaigns communicating through the innocence of children

Amongst celebrities and bankable endorsers, here come campaigns built on children and their innocence that remain plausible and persuasive.

The fragile shoulders of children are strong enough to carry the weight of brand communications & campaigns, that have a substantial amount of spends, time, and resources invested by brands and agencies.

While there are several traits of children, that are adored and can even inspire, one in particular that astonishes all is their innocence. This innocence that is free of all worldly pollutants, has been effectively tapped and utilized by several brands.

Brands use this trait to communicate benefits of their product or service, and efficiently use children as protagonists for a campaign, or often a series of video campaigns. These brands are not just restricted to kids or the age groups under 16, they cater to and come from various sectors.

The child actors featured in these campaigns look authentic in their essence, and can probably even give elder and experienced actors a run for their money with their performance.

In conversation with Social Samosa, Keegan Pinto, National Creative Director, FCB Ulka, once mentioned that a 'child shoot' can go for a complete toss, but the little ones usually come with a drive in them.

Get your awwwsss… ready.

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Maggi - Meri MAGGI Meri Masti

Oreo India - Only Oreo

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As we relish these children's innocence, there are also several innocent victims of abuse. Numerous children are affected by war, sexual violence, abduction, attacks on schools and are denied humanitarian access.

Pledge to raise awareness, sign petitions to protect children's rights, educate families, and donate to organizations that support the underprivileged.

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