Case Study: How EUME Bags’ lockdown campaign grabbed 10 Mn eyeballs

EUME Instagram campaign

In order to de-stress consumers and keep the company of all the people living indoors,  EUME lockdown campaign, #StayHomeHero urged users to pursue hobbies.

The case study details how EUME Lockdown Campaign attempted to encourage people to stay inside while showcasing their talents to bring in positivity during these stressful times through on Instagram contest.

Category Introduction

  • Category – Luggage Category
  • Size – 30B US$
  • Projections –  Expected to grow 16B US$ between 2020-24

Brand Introduction

EUME is a global luggage brand and has claimed to have launched the world’s first Anti-stress massager backpack 18 months ago and holds the patent for massager tech in the US and for India.

EUME communicates and connects with its customers mainly through Social channels. Influencer lead marketing and selling through demonstration have been a successful strategy for the brand.


#EumeStayHomeHero was an anti-stress initiative EUME launched in order to engage social audiences and keep them occupied during this whole ‘Home Quarantine’ Situation”.

The whole country was under lockdown and entire population was stuck indoors and what they missed the most is the stuff they used to do or loved doing before the lockdown. This initiative was to engage these audiences during these unprecedented times and encourage them to stay home.

Problem Statement/Objective

EUME’s core innovation and focus lie in developing anti-stress products in the luggage category.


  • EUME wanted to engage the social audiences who are currently living indoors due to the lockdown.
  • The brand was specific of this being a social initiative to anti-stress people living indoors

Creative Idea

This campaign has been conceptualized in such a manner that it acts as a platform for people to showcase their talent and at the same time create a source of entertainment for the general audience.

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Participants were asked to upload a 1-minute video showing off their talent – it could be anything they are good at. Eg. cooking, baking, dancing, reciting poetry, makeup art, etc. In step two, participants were supossed to tag @EUMEworld with hashtags #EUMEStayHomeHero #DoTheUndone.

A total of 13 winners were selected from the eligible entries. The top winner of the campaign received cash/cheque worth Rs 50,000 followed by 25,000 each for runner up from Avon Lifestyle Pvt Ltd. 10 winners received a backpack worth Rs 6,799 each.

The campaign was launched on April 4 and announced with the following creative.

Celebrity influencers like Siddhesh Lad, TV actress Nyra Banerjee, Actor Vikaas Kalantri, Chef Sanjyot Keer were engaged to set the mood for the campaign.

Within 1 week of the campaign, it received around 1000 participants across different interest groups.

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~ Never imitate someone else’s dance style of hooping~ Yes, I wish someone would have told me that. Each #hoopjourney is unique and each hooper is special. Your style is unique simply because your body has to release and explore its own rhythm over a period of time. I have really been inspired my many a hoopers and their hoop style and have also found myself often feeling not adequate enough as a hooper. Like when I see @rachael_lust doing her insane ninja style paddle breaks and pinches I feel like I have a long way to go. In a way, if that fuels you to become a better version of you then by all means continue but there will come a time that you might get caught between ‘self limiting beliefs’ because you chose wrong standards of judging your own progress. Don’t doubt your #hoopjourney. Your body is smart enough to teach you if you allow and observe the movement of the hoop on your body closely and react how your body seems fit. Not like how @eshnakutty @deannelovexo or @injar88 does it. It’s not a competition and it is not a community where you would be rewarded for copying your favourite hooper. It’s an inward journey towards self discipline, control, strength and channeling your innate energy so don’t waste your time setting any body else apart from you as your benchmark. What you did yesterday and what you do today during your practise is your growth. The only radar you should have to monitor your moves. Hooping is indulgence and self exploration of your own unique flow. I am still exploring mine as we speak. Trying every rhythm because I feel there is so much to learn from each other from the #hoopcommunity. So open your hearts towards learning with joy and remembering that the competition doesn’t exist. You don’t compete with yourself. You just learn to love yourself for being a fabulous being who doesn’t just give up. Keep hooping with more hope and love. ??????????? Entry for @eumeworld #EumeStayHomeHero #dotheundone #hulahoop #hulahoopersofinstagram #hulahoopersofinsta #hulahoopersofig #hoopwithsupriya #hulahooper #hulahooping #hulahoopingpractice #hulahoopdance #instahoopdance #hoopwithheart #instahoop #h #supriyasrivastav #hoopers

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On April 10, #EumeStayHomeHero contest video was launched. An aggregated video of best entries was launched to boost the participation


Is the lockdown getting the best of you? Show us what you're made of and you could win cash prizes upto Rs. 1Lakh! ??????Here's how you too can do it!!1. Record and upload a video on Instagram2. Tag and Follow: @EUMEWORLD on Instagram3. Use Hashtags: #EumeStayHomeHero #DoTheUndoneIt's that simple! Participate Now! Also, multiple entries allowed!?An #AntiStress initiative from EUME

Posted by EUME World on Tuesday, 14 April 2020



  • 3390 entries
  • 10 Million views
  • 50,000 Website Visitors
  • 700,000 Engagements

CMO Quotes

“These are unprecedented times due to the coronavirus lockdown. The lockdown may cause stress and anxiety to people who are confined to their homes. We conceptualized this campaign to encourage people to stay inside while showcasing their talents to bring in positivity during these stressful times through this contest. We believe that this engaging exercise will reduce stress while keeping them engaged. We are enthused by the overwhelming response received from users,” said Naina Parekh, CEO, EUME.